TOC ScienceTwo prominent researchers are working to answer that very question! Researchers at Northeastern University are collaborating with The Organic Center to examine the benefits that organic agriculture has on soil health.  Research Scientist Elham Ghabbour, in collaboration with Professor Geoffrey Davies of the National Soil Project (NSP) is striving to determine the amount of sequestered carbon in organic farm topsoil and compare them with conventional soil samples. They need YOUR HELP to “get the dirt” on soil samples for this important research project! Continue reading

Why are some labels changing in the organic aisle? What’s in a name?

Quality-BadgesIf you pay attention and look closely, some tried and true “organic” brands may slowly be changing their look and label. In fact, they may even be changing their beloved brand name! It is not your imagination! The word organic may be disappearing from the front label of some popular items causing confusion and leading one to ask “what’s in a name?”  Continue reading

Urgent GMO Labeling Update: Did we win in Oregon?

large_rally_sign_ORTKThe ballot measure to label GMO’s in Oregon went to a vote on Tuesday, November 4th. Shortly thereafter it was called a loss after over $21 million dollars was spent by the opposition. Not so fast! Even today they are still counting ballots and, at latest count, the GMO labeling referendum 92 trails by less than 6,400 votes out of 1.47 million! This is less than half of one percent! The big news is that there are still thousands of outstanding ballots yet to be counted, and supporters of the measure expect that margin to narrow even more. Continue reading

Election Day And The Food Movement – A blog from Ocean Robbins

good-bad-v2-1I am lucky enough to have Ocean Robbins as my neighbor and friend. He is author of The Power of Partnership, and co-author, with his dad and colleague John Robbins, of Voices of the Food Revolution. He pretty much sums up the good the bad and the ugly on the mid-term election in the post below. You can read more from Ocean at http://foodrevolution.org/blog .

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Genetically Engineered Fresh Produce

Guest Author:  Simcha Weinstein

delicious organic produceA question I was frequently asked at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore was, “Are there any fresh produce items that are genetically modified, and if so, which ones?”

 GMOs are present in about 70 percent of foods on US supermarket shelves, as the vast majority of processed foods contain GMOs. One major exception, however, are fresh fruits and vegetables. The only genetically modified produce you’re likely to find is the Hawaiian papaya, a small amount of zucchini and yellow squash, and some sweet corn – all grown using conventional farming methods. Remember, USDA organic standards prohibit any genetically modified ingredients. Organic fresh produce CANNOT (by law) be raised using genetic engineering! No meat, fish, or poultry products approved for direct human consumption are bioengineered at this point, though most of the feed for livestock and fish come from GM corn, alfalfa, and other biotech grains. Only organic varieties of these animal products are guaranteed to be GMO-free. Continue reading