What is Organic

It’s time to label that GMO

Tell Aviv 9.9.11 014Never before in the history of mankind have we had so many food related illnesses. Our eating habits are causing obesity, diabetes and allergies in droves of the population. The big food companies are selling us food that is highly processed, filled with sugar, fats and increasing hidden components such as genetically modified organisms.  Recognizing the dangers of food related illnesses we have gained the right to have labels indicating calorific content, sugar, sodium and fat. What is notably lacking in the U.S. is that the GMO ingredients have eluded the label. Continue reading “It’s time to label that GMO”


Organic Agriculture in the Developing World

Peru April 2011 040 In early March 2013, I was invited on a trip to the Dominican Republic by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Association (FAO) . The focus of the trip was a meeting aimed  at finding ways to strengthen the ability of banana producers to increase capacity and develop and implement sustainable marketing strategies. Other topics covered included new production technologies, improving access to finance and risk management tools, and to improving the life and social conditions in rural areas. Continue reading “Organic Agriculture in the Developing World”