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GMO’s in the news

News For those of you working after celebrating Independence Day or those of you just hungry for some information, I offer some follow-up news to my last GMO post. 

 The state of Hawaii has long been an experimental breeding ground for GMO test trials. Grist recently reported that Hawaiians are not happy with the use of their Paradise as a laboratory, with little oversight or regulation. You can read the full GRIST article HERE. As a result of public concern, many new county bills are being introduced to limit, regulate or stop GMO experiments on the islands.

The USDA recently announced it may soon approve GMO potatoes in the US. The single largest buyer of potatoes is MacDonald’s. If the restaurant doesn’t purchase GMO potatoes, it’s likely farmers won’t plant them. Food And Water Watch recently organized a petition urging MacDonald’s not to purchase GMO spuds for its fries.

Recently Chipotle made restaurant history by declaring it would post all GMO ingredients in its menu on the company’s website. Chipotle has plans to systematically reduce the number of GMO ingredients in all its menu options. Chipotle feels this is a way to get closer to customers and the concerns they have about GMO foods.

To understand more about GMO wheat contamination and the danger to organic crops read Jessica Shades recent BLOG. Jessica is the Director of Science at The Organic Center, which is dedicated to revealing the science behind organic.

The Huffington Post has a range of articles on the controversial approval of GMO salmon. Many posit that it poses environmental and health concerns that are in direct opposition to true sustainable oceans and aquaculture.

Finally there is an excellent interview of a former GMO engineer from Organic Connections. After 35 years of research on GMO crops, Thierry Vrain speaks out about the dangers and misunderstandings of GMO crops.

As I contemplate true independence, I am struck by the fact that I do not have the freedom to know when I am eating Genetically Modified Foods. The current media offers up much evidence that I am not alone.

If you have any news, feel free to share it here.

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  2. Thank you for the link. It is astounding that Hawaii’s fragile closed environment is protected from many invasive species and pests but there has been no real oversight of GMO’s. Keep us appraised on the progress of 2491.

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