What is Organic

Eat, Party, Learn

Eat Party Learn Expo EastWho needs to travel the world to eat, pray and love when you can go to Expo East and eat, party and learn?!

If you’re attending Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore next month, you are probably excited about the fresh new products, the opportunity to negotiate deals and just doing some good, face to face, business.
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What is Organic

What’s all the fuss about GMOs? A lot, for starters

Hand of God GeneticsA friend of mine, who’d recently been vacationing in a highly educated and upscale part of New England, told me many folks in that area don’t know what GMOs are.

This prompted me to sit down and write, in a very simple way, just what all the fuss is regarding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  Continue reading “What’s all the fuss about GMOs? A lot, for starters”

What is Organic

Keep your eyes on the pesticides and herbicides

Pesticide SprayWhy is it important to keep our eyes on science and research?

Well, as we move into an era where climate change is taking center stage, and wreaking havoc on species and food supplies, I believe it’s important to stay focused on the effects of pesticides and herbicides. Continue reading “Keep your eyes on the pesticides and herbicides”

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Where have all the farmers gone?

Organic FarmerIn a recent discussion with Miles McEvoy, Deputy Administrator of the National Organic Program, he cited a concern on the lack of new farming operations entering organic production.

“Though we have seen market success over the last 20 years, the number of new certified operations in the US has remained relatively flat,” Miles told me. “The industry continues to grow, sales are up, but the number of certified operations has not grown.”

A recent Wall Street Journal article pointed out that the Farm Belt is not expanding quickly enough into organics to meet growing consumer demand. Consequently, producers are going abroad for commodities

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