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Tell Congress to talk turkey on the Farm Bill!

Congress talks turkeyLet us give thanks for the organic food we will consume tomorrow and to all the dynamic organic producers, distributors and retailers who have been hard at work.  Let’s express gratitude for our ability to work in such a vibrant and vigorous business arena that helps build the soil, protect seed biodiversity and promote health and wellbeing. After we give thanks, let’s make sure we do not become complacent in our festive organic hangovers. There’s no better time than now to remind Congress to keep working on a meaningful Farm Bill before the year runs out! Continue reading “Tell Congress to talk turkey on the Farm Bill!”


GMO Science or Science-Fiction?

GMO SafetyAs most of you know, I am an outspoken advocate for labeling GMOs in our food supply. My family is well aware of this, so I was perplexed recently when my sister sent me an article titled, “GMOs Are Nothing to Fear” . She was flummoxed by the contradictory nature of what this article touted and what I have been preaching. This article, being an opinion piece written in a widely read publication, made me skeptical. I wanted to know more about the actual scientific content the author cited, and I was quite curious about the actual studies. I decided to take a deeper dive and look into the facts around such messaging. Continue reading “GMO Science or Science-Fiction?”

What is Organic

I’ve Discovered Organic Gold!

Got Organic?In these days of hyper information we are literally swamped with a plethora of labels on our food differentiating various attributes. From Fair Trade, Free Range, Natural, Non GMO, to low fat and Gluten Free, the array of claims have become encyclopedic. How are consumers supposed to know the best option? I think it’s time we communicate that the organic seal is the gold standard! It should be celebrated and promoted as the consumer’s premier choice! Continue reading “I’ve Discovered Organic Gold!”


The next generation of extreme biotechnology needs you!

Real Vanilla

If you happened to read the recent New York Times Article “What’s That Smell, Exotic scents made from re-engineered yeast”, you may be feeling concerned about this new form of extreme genetic engineering. If you are also a creative being, there may be an opportunity to combine your concern with your artistic energy.  Continue reading “The next generation of extreme biotechnology needs you!”

What is Organic

A tidal wave of GMO news

WaveThe news is flooded with rising awareness: there is a battle raging on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Some of the news is disappointing and the endless flow of funding to defeat our right to know what‘s in our food can be discouraging. But some of the news is hopeful, as we witness the relentless power and resiliency concerned consumers have. It’s important to be aware of GMO news and be educated on the ebb and flow of this battle. Continue reading “A tidal wave of GMO news”