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It’s simple, Organic means Non-GMO

GMO free labelAt the heart of the GMO battle is the right to have transparent labeling on food products. This right to know has produced a myriad of label claims in stores causing much consumer confusion and consternation. Despite the fact that GMO’s are forbidden in organic production, many people do not realize the USDA Organic seal means non-GMO. How did this happen? Organic means non GMO, plus a whole lot more! Continue reading “It’s simple, Organic means Non-GMO”

What is Organic

Arctic apple vortex set to descend upon the US!

A better appleDoes the world really need a new spin on the basic apple? Some folks at Okanagan Specialty Fruit think so. I suspect they have spent untold resources developing the world’s first genetically modified apple.  Back in November, I posted Let’s Give Eve a Better Apple? It explained that the creators of this genetically engineered apple hail it as “Nature at Its Best”. They go on to say “We all love apples! Until they turn brown, that is. Arctic® apples are everything you love about apples!” Continue reading “Arctic apple vortex set to descend upon the US!”

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Top New Year’s Resolutions from The Organic Center

A year of changeEDITOR’S NOTE: Today we’re taking a break from the usual format to publish the blog’s first ever guest contribution. This article is an excerpt from a blog previously written by The Organic Center Director of Science, Jessica Shade. You can read the full blog here. If you’re interested in submitting a guest blog, send your article and pitch to mmeyer@unfi.com.

1.      Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables…and make sure they’re organic Continue reading “Top New Year’s Resolutions from The Organic Center”

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A Year of Organic Events awaits you in 2014

Together we growWe have rung in the New Year and I can feel that 2014 will be a good one. I get excited just looking ahead to the upcoming events and know it’s time to make plans to participate. I believe it is through participation and shared dialogue that we can grow the organic industry, support organic farmers and come to consensus on controversial issues. Don’t miss the host of events that awaits you in 2014. Continue reading “A Year of Organic Events awaits you in 2014”

What is Organic

At least we have Cheerios?

CheeriosThe news of genetically engineered (GE) foods is certainly circuitous. Recent news came literally in a round shape when General Mills announced that their 73-year-old breakfast cereal, Cheerios, would be free of GE products.  Cheerios is one of the highest profile brands fed to millions of kids across the country. Bowing to consumer pressure and the “As You Sow” group who engaged with General Mills in requesting that it reformulate its iconic Cheerios product. , The Wall Street Journal reported that General Mills had been working to rid Cheerios of GE products for the past year. The cartons will voluntarily display “Not Made with Genetically Modified Ingredients”.  Alas, it only affects the original flavors and not the Honey- Nut flavor, but it’s a step in the long march towards transparency. I know many a toddler who is fed cheerios as a mainstay, and this will rid one source of GE products from their diet.  Thank you General Mills! Now let’s think about feeding our children more whole organic food.  Continue reading “At least we have Cheerios?”