What is Organic

Non GMO-Month heralds a David and Goliath battle!

Non-GMO infographic_lgAs I head off to the IFOAM Conference in Istanbul, I reflect that October is celebrated as Non-GMO Month. Celebrate we should, the Non-GMO Project has made many remarkable gains. Annual sales of products carrying the Non-GMO Project Verified seal now total more than $8.5 billion, growing more than 20% annually!  My local New Leaf Store in Santa Cruz is one of more than 2,000 retailers who are participating in the celebration, bringing awareness and eliminating the presence of GMO ingredients in our food supply. Continue reading “Non GMO-Month heralds a David and Goliath battle!”

Social Implications in Agriculture

Fair Trade Month: An Opportunity to Connect with the True Cost of Food

Vigorous bananasMy father grew up in Iowa during the depression. Times were dire and he witnessed much hardship and suffering. Getting enough to eat was never an issue for his family but seeing others go hungry left its psychological mark. After returning from WWII he witnessed the Industrial Agricultural Complex taking hold in earnest and the availability of cheap food became a patriotic goal. Generations were raised thinking cheap food was a bonus. It is proving hard to shake that philosophy out of our food values. Continue reading “Fair Trade Month: An Opportunity to Connect with the True Cost of Food”

What is Organic

USDA approves chemical strikes on US Farmland

Pesticide SprayWhile attending Expo East in September the ominous email flew across my screen: USDA  granted final approval of a new form of genetically engineered corn and soy, paving the way for a new technology to do battle in our fields. These patented seeds are part of a new technology named Enlist Duo Weed Control. The corn and soy have been genetically altered to withstand heavy applications of two different toxic chemicals. One is glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, and the second, 2,4-D, a compound of Agent Orange. Both compounds have a nefarious history and are quite toxic to human and plant health. Continue reading “USDA approves chemical strikes on US Farmland”