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Simply Centered – A Nexus of Possibilities

The worldI was recently introduced to a new website that is intriguing in its approach to bringing knowledge and action together in one place as a resource for healthy living. This interconnection of information and experience with food, fitness, and lifestyle delivers an important roadmap to health, beauty and quite frankly happiness. The website is and is a worthy and trusted resource for navigating a life of well-being this year.

Simply Centered is the brainchild of Elaine Gavalas and Debra Apruzzese. These co-founders met as teens. Reuniting years later, they discovered their personal and professional journeys were complementary like matching pieces of a puzzle. They share a passion for sustainable, natural, and organic lifestyles, and also the same background of being raised in Greek Mediterranean households where living simply and organically was a way of life. This led to their inspiration to collaborate and create Simply Centered. Elaine is a published author with an advanced degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition from Columbia University and California College of Podiatric Medicine. In addition she is a sports nutritionist, yoga therapist and weight management specialist. Debra’s background as an operations engineer and efficiency expert led to the vision of a platform, well organized, simple, and accessible, for people consciously seeking a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

The site provides highly vetted “Trusted Sources” which are resources that are committed to contributing to a positive impact on society, the environment, and consumer health and well-being.  These Trusted Sources are gleaned from existing third-party certification agencies, like Cruelty Free, Demeter, Fair Trade, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and USDA Organic.

In my experience the world is interwoven with physical, mental and spiritual components that create the world we experience and quite frankly our future. If we make the right choices in these three realms we can create beauty, prosperity and peace. Making the wrong choices leads us to be out of balance. This website works almost energetically with this same focus, that everything is interwoven.

HE_green-vegetables-thinkstock.jpg.rend.snigalleryslideThe four pillars of the thought are Health, Food, Lifestyle and Fitness. They overlap like wheels upon wheels with beauty, body, mind-full fitness, ecological living, culture, nutrition and recipes. Wellbeing comes from many places. Where else can you find trusted brands along with delectable recipes for healthy meals? Explore integrated approaches to science and spirituality while browsing stunning organic evening wear! Look up tips for staying fit in 2015 while discovering yoga techniques that improve metabolism and detoxify. It’s all in one place!

What I truly appreciate is that only links you to resources that meet what they call the SC5Cs. The SC5C require that all companies and certifications be: Simply…

  • Committed to natural alternative solutions that improve health & well-being
  • Caring towards the earth and its inhabitants
  • Candid with their company’s processes
  • Conscious of their impact on the world
  • Centered on producing products with integrity and quality

If your life includes a pathway to well-being, happiness and prosperity visit this site and discover the nexus of options available as your playbook. If you have a business that represents a trusted source or product you may want to connect your products with others. It’s simple by making contact to feature your brand at

Make this your electronic tool-kit and use their advanced technology, to simply achieve balance of body, mind, and spirit.   Trust your inner source and stay centered this year.


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