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Why Organic is the most Transparent Food System You Have

200px-National_Organic_ProgramThis week I am lucky enough to be attending the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in La Jolla California. It won’t be days of beachcombing or sipping sweet nectars in the sun for me. Instead I will be locked inside a room for 8-10 hours with a dedicated group of stakeholders discussing current and future changes to the organic regulations.  It’s a sometimes tedious and always in-depth process of public comment and board recommendations to the National Organic Program (NOP). The thorough and rigorous nature of the discussion is a sure sign that the organic seal is absolutely the highest standard of food production in the land! Continue reading “Why Organic is the most Transparent Food System You Have”

What is Organic

Tell Congress no “DARK ACT” / Pompeo Bill

EWG Social_DarkActStrikesBack_C014412It has been almost 20 years since GMO technology was introduced into our agriculture systems. Over time this toxic arms race has created a scenario whereby 80-90% of corn and soy planted in the U.S. is grown with GMO technology. As a result it is now difficult for farmers to easily source non-GMO seeds. In mid-March Rep. Pompeo, Mike [R-KS-4] reintroduced the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act which would take away our right to label GMOs for a very long time. Some have dubbed it the Deny Americans Right to Know (DARK) act, and this nefarious legislation is quickly gaining steam in Congress. Continue reading “Tell Congress no “DARK ACT” / Pompeo Bill”

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California’s drought affects us all

Farmers in DroughtIt rained in Northern California last week, a late season downpour after six weeks of parched, record heat conditions. This is an April gift to the thirsty soils of California, but not a drought breaker. I listened to the rare sound of heavy drops pounding on my rooftop and pondered the reality. Snowpack in the Sierras is 5% of normal, its lowest in recorded history. Groundwater tables have dropped 50% in some areas and the land is sinking, caving in under its own weight. California’s crippling drought will have far reaching affects for all of us. Continue reading “California’s drought affects us all”

Organic Policy and Regulations, What is Organic

Three Organic Reasons to visit Washington DC

Melody DCI am excited about attending the OTA Policy Conference and Hill visit next week, April 14-16th 2015. Not only will the cherry blossoms be at their ultimate blushing peak, but the air itself will be flush with excitement. The week that organic advocates descend upon Capitol Hill has come to be regarded as Organic Week in DC, and for good reason.  We always have a battalion of organic stakeholders armed with expert knowledge and a passion for the organic community. It’s one of the reasons that organic had so many wins in the 2014 Farm Bill! It’s nearly a sold-out event so if you haven’t already registered do try to attend. If you cannot attend, then plan some time to visit DC in the months ahead. There are three organic reasons to visit Washington DC this year! Continue reading “Three Organic Reasons to visit Washington DC”