Companies Have an Ear for the Consumer’s Voice: The time to speak up is now! A post from Laurie Burgess

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Your voice can speak volumes. The customer is always right. We have the power to influence change.

These statements are proving to be true! More and more, we’re seeing companies listen to their customer’s wants and needs. With increasing competition, transparency and choices, we are seeing a shift to where companies must listen to the consumer to survive. Continue reading

Sowing Change One Seed at a Time

Young SproutsHave you ever noticed that the more seeds you sow the richer your life is? This is true absolutely when you cultivate the soil and plant a vegetable or flower garden. The taste and beauty and smell are a result of your digging, plowing and watering.  It is also true metaphorically as you delve into new activities. You open new doors and possibilities that make you a more robust individual. Planting seeds of hope in the form of giving and volunteering affords both rewards, the strength and opportunity to do new things and the beauty of helping to enrich the lives of others to reach their full potential. Volunteering and giving in organic agriculture is an excellent way to achieve these gifts.  Continue reading

Final Days in Japan: Coming home to organic agriculture

templeAs I pull out of the Kyoto station I reflect on my last days here in this city with 1600 temples and shrines. I took the weekend to visit some of them and eat my way, as best I could, through the markets, noodle houses, and department stores. When I embarked on this trip I thought I would be changed somehow. Little did I realize my appreciation for the Japanese art of food would be so heightened and my senses transformed, hungrily. This Island nation is rich in food culture, exotic tastes, and sensual savories heretofore unrealized by my western palette.  Continue reading

Journey to Japan Sophistication: in hot water, organic diplomacy, food!

Kobe Beef 3I awake in Kobe, the port city well known for its succulent and marbled beef. It comes from the Tajima strain of wagyu cattle, fed on sweet grass and grains. They are sometimes given a good brushing to illicit extra tenderness. Today is a time of preparation for our ambassadorial luncheon and a day to see organic and natural stores in Japan. The theme for the day is the wondrous sophistication imbedded in the culture, the food, the very way of life here in Japan. Continue reading

Journey to Japan: Organic Presentation, Sleepy Nation, Terrific Train Cuisine

Japanese Subway ride  I have now settled into my third day in this frenetic, bustling metropolis called Tokyo. I am even starting to become less intimidated by the train system which interlaces the city with precise timetables and standing room only cars where people eat, read, drink and sleep. We are off to see a few local organic markets and then visit one of the biggest retailers in Japan. They want to learn more about organic and we are just the ambassadors for the job! Continue reading