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Journey to Japan: MAF, Plastic Food and Best meal yet!

Organic for AllDay two in Tokyo and there is no rest for the hungry! I am traveling with Monique Marez who is the Associate Director for International Trade at the Organic Trade Association and we are on a mission to promote USDA certified organic products.  I couldn’t be happier experiencing this foreign land through the lens of organic agriculture. First stop: the U.S. Embassy! Continue reading “Journey to Japan: MAF, Plastic Food and Best meal yet!”

Culinary Delights, What is Organic

Journey to Japan, an Organic Pilgrimage

Kyoto templeI was still in Iowa when the email invitation came through… “There is an opportunity for one OTA board member to travel to Japan as an ambassador US organic industry….” You know me well enough by now dear reader that a good foreign escapade replete with culinary and cultural opportunities is right up my wanderlust alley.  I was being called on to represent the U.S. organics market, provide insights into our products and trends and encourage organic more trade. How could I say no? Continue reading “Journey to Japan, an Organic Pilgrimage”

What is Organic

The Demise of Glyphosate?

JLI-chart_C01Most genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are altered so they can withstand heavy applications of noxious herbicides and not be harmed. More than 15 years since their introduction about 90% corn, soy and cotton in the U.S. are genetically modified just for this purpose. The emergence of super-weeds has resulted in a huge increase in the amount of herbicides being sprayed on U.S. fields. The world’s most widely used herbicide is called glyphosate and it is produced by Monsanto. So when the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that glyphosate was likely carcinogenic it became a game changer.   Continue reading “The Demise of Glyphosate?”

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Leaving Iowa

German BackyardIt is a beautiful spring day and I am departing my place of birth, Iowa, a wide expanse of corn and soy amidst easy rolling hills. It once was virgin prairie, sustaining perennial grasses, thundering bison and the indigenous people of the Tama nation. My great grandparents were some of the original sod busters, building new German lives on the prairie. So very much has changed in just a few hundred years and indeed the past 50 years have witnessed exponential alterations. In my lifetime I have seen the rise of the industrial agricultural chemical complex take over the vast majority of this landscape. Continue reading “Leaving Iowa”