GMO’s: The Effects of Emerging Technologies, Trouble at every Turn

GMO SafetyIn my last blog, I uncovered some of the places genetically modified organisms are entering our world and permeating our very lifestyles. It is safe to say that the rapid advances of genetic engineering are transforming our daily lives sometimes unseen and mostly untested.  What do we really know about their effects on the environment and our health? Some insist that the technology is safe and to stop being anti-science luddites. Others hold to the precautionary principle. Let’s take a look at some of the consequences being uncovered by scientists around the globe. Here is what we know: Continue reading “GMO’s: The Effects of Emerging Technologies, Trouble at every Turn”

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5 Things I Learned While Volunteering at my Local Organic Farm

On a hot, humid, blue-sky Thursday afternoon, we made our way to
Sherborn, a small town outside Boston, MA. We were looking forward to volunteering at Silverwood Organic Farm, a historic local farmland. My partner in this adventure was my 10-year-old “little sister” who I mentor through Big Brother Big Sister. We were ready to experience an afternoon in the life of an organic farmer and take some organic lessons home with us. Continue reading “5 Things I Learned While Volunteering at my Local Organic Farm”

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GMO’s: The Evolution of Emerging Technologies

GMO CornWalk down the center aisles of any supermarket and you will be surrounded by cartons, cans and jars that represent our modern diet. Processed, prefabbed foods, perennially ready to eat, warm up, dine out, dash in – for those on the go. If you don’t see the USDA Certified Organic or Non-GMO Verified label, you can count on GMO ingredients inside those containers. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) estimates that more than 75% of those packaged, processed, center-of-the-store foods contain genetically modified ingredients. What in the world are they and what is all the fuss about? Continue reading “GMO’s: The Evolution of Emerging Technologies”

Social Implications in Agriculture, What is Organic

Will Organic Agriculture Ultimately Feed the World?

worldofpeopleThe United Nations recently released their 2015 World Population Prospects report, which estimates the vast numbers of humans that will inhabit our planet in the next 15 years. By mid-century, the estimated world population will be 9.7 billion souls; this is up one third from today’s 7.3 billion hungry inhabitants. Where this growth will take place and how we prepare for this expansion is as critical an issue as our changing climate. How can organic agriculture play a part in this magnificent expansion of our species? Continue reading “Will Organic Agriculture Ultimately Feed the World?”

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Wanted: The Next Generation of Climate Leaders

The worldScientists recently took Mother Earth’s temperature much as you would to determine if someone is ill. In a recent State of The climate report, US Scientists determined she is not well and getting sicker. Her oceans are heating up and rising. Her snowcapped glaciers are melting. Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide have all reached record levels in the atmosphere.  She is very hot and getting hotter. What this green goddess needs is a group of leaders to the rescue! Continue reading “Wanted: The Next Generation of Climate Leaders”