Hello Little Butterfly – It’s Non-GMO Month this October

While we can sometimes struggle to remember a loved one’s birthday, meet deadlines for work, and accomplish a lengthy to-do list of errands, I have found myself and others making time for a new type of celebration. A moment where we can be a part of something larger. Perhaps you GMO Safetyparticipated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last year (brrr..) or maybe you posted a #throwback picture of your siblings for National Sibling Day or possibly you are on the committee for your town’s 225th anniversary celebrations. These small acts have become popular because they are fun, yet meaningful. There is another upcoming celebration that is vital to our world’s health and future, and we’re going to need your help. Let me tell you why you should spread your wings and help grow the Non-GMO labeling movement!
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Autumn in New England: the Season to Participate In the Organic Process!

The Future of foodAs our green orb tilts and spins, the northern hemisphere performs its yearly autumnal dance. Light and leaves take on auburn, goldenrod and Anjou. Pumpkins, persimmons and purple corn grace our centerpieces. The height of summer has ripened into a season of change. Not so poetic, but equally profound, it is the seasonal waxing of the organic process. The National Organic Standards Board will meet October 26-29 in Stowe, Vermont, and they need to hear from YOU. Continue reading

Reflections on Expo East: Will I see you there?

Eat Party Learn Expo EastThere’s a slight nip and slant of light in the air which means Natural Products Expo East is nigh. As the autumnal equinox nears, many of us will be trundling off to Baltimore by the harbor to meet and showcase our products. Not only do we sample, slurp and sniff the dizzying array of organic and natural creations but we come to commune and learn. As I walk down the aisles this year, I will reflect on how far we have come in the last forty years. Indeed we have changed the way we eat, farm and clothe ourselves in a mere handful of decades, and I believe the shift has only just begun! Continue reading

GMO’s: The Great Debate, Science or Science Fiction?

GMO foods in a labThe scientific debate has been going on for as long as GMO’s have entered the labs, our fields and ultimately our food. According to ABC News, “The FDA has said that “labeling isn’t necessary because there’s no evidence genetic engineering changes a food’s quality, safety, ‘or any other attribute.'” What are the origins of this statement and is it a universally agreed upon sentiment? Continue reading

#OrganicFestival: Let’s rally together to Bust Myths, Reach Millions and Set the Record Straight!

While our children head back to school, it is time for us to ramp up our education around organic. The Organic Trade Association (OTA) marks September as Organic Myth-Busting Month. For the next 30 days, organic enthusiasts and leaders like you are coming together for #OrganicFestival, a social media festival to educate and inform consumers about the benefits and facts of organic. Continue reading