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#OrganicFestival: Let’s rally together to Bust Myths, Reach Millions and Set the Record Straight!

While our children head back to school, it is time for us to ramp up our education around organic. The Organic Trade Association (OTA) marks September as Organic Myth-Busting Month. For the next 30 days, organic enthusiasts and leaders like you are coming together for #OrganicFestival, a social media festival to educate and inform consumers about the benefits and facts of organic.

Despite organic sales and accessibility reaching all-time highs, research reveals significant consumer confusion about organic’s benefits… [Together], we can change these misconceptions and bring audiences that are ‘on the fence’ about organic into the fold.” – OTA’s CEO/Executive Director, Laura Batcha

During last year’s “Organic-Palooza” festival, the OTA and partners reached 15 million consumers with key facts in just 10 days! This year, we want to break records and bust myths to millions of people.

It’s simple to join the festivities with the easy-to-use communication kit. Each week will feature a different theme, complete with pre-written posts that are easy to share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked-in and any other method you choose! If you’re feeling creative, you can print the fact infographics on scrap paper and hang them on your cubical – or even add them to your e-mail signature!

  • Week #1 (Sept. 1-5)
    Organic Labeling, addressing the certification process, the integrity of the USDA label and the differences between organic vs. other unregulated claims like ‘natural’
  • Week #2 (Sept. 6-12)
    Organic Health, busting myths that organic isn’t better for you, sharing fresh research on organic’s health benefits
  • Week #3 (Sept. 13-19)
    Organic Value, revealing the costs behind organic, demonstrating organic is affordable for all – including budget-conscious consumers – and proving organic truly is worth it
  • Week #4 (Sept. 20-26)
    Organic Production, illustrating how organic can feed the world, outlining local and small vs. large-scale organic farming, highlighting environmental benefits
  • Week #5 (Sept. 27-30)
    Organic Beyond Food, celebrating the lesser-known silos of organic, sharing why organic fiber, home and personal care products are better for your skin and health, revealing the differences between organic and conventional textile production

The first Myth that OTA is busting: The organic label doesn’t mean anything. Indeed the fact is that organic is the most transparent, certified and regulated production system in the U.S.!


If you’re headed to the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, the #OrganicFestival will be visible and thriving through special events. E-mail ktaveras@ota.com to receive a daily email update throughout Organic Myth-Busting Month with the week’s suggested posts, graphics and activities.

Please comment below if you plan on participating! Now it is time to close this post with my new e-mail signature featuring the #OrganicFestival.

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4 thoughts on “#OrganicFestival: Let’s rally together to Bust Myths, Reach Millions and Set the Record Straight!”

  1. Hi Melody, Hope you had a fantastic summer. I was asked to write an article for Produce Business as they celebrate their 30th anniversary on the 30 year Arc of Organics (top 3 events) I will send for your perusal under separate email. I’m assuming I was asked because I’ve been here the entire time….Ickes!


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  2. Hi Melody, Great first go at education. Love it and I am happy to join. I would also like to bring to the fore the non regulation of fertilizers. They can contain gmo soy and corn byproducts that have all those doses of glyphosate in them, as well as the leftovers on the cellular levels of gmos. I know this is off point but it needs attention.Especially with communities trying to get pesticides out of the commons. They inadvertently spread more gmos and pesticides into our water supply.

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