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Seven Reasons to Make The Holiday Organic

Holiday BaubleThe tilt of our magnificent globe has brought us round leaning towards the darkness. Thus we seek out colored lights, baubles, tinsel and song. This whirl of the winter solstice means the light will once again be born, and so we celebrate. You may lavish gifts, or sing choruses of carols. The glow of the menorah may light up your latkes. Or perhaps you are one who with great humbuggery rejects the entire pageant and go on a tropical vacation. However you celebrate this winter holy darkness, be you Christian, Jewish or Pagan, there are several ways you can add an organic twist to your holiday jig.

Prepare an Organic Feast to share with friends and family: Find the season in your organic meal. You can create a delectable organic feast with simple whole organic ingredients. Bake organic yams from Livingston and simmer wild rice grown in the Sacramento valley. Locally produced winter squashes and pumpkins, spunky roots of parsnip, and white Tokyo turnips all have a place next to the free range fowl or grass fed roast. Serving organic fare affirms your commitment to a cleaner planet and fosters the health of those who partake.

Craft organic gifts that are delicious and good for the planet: If you’re a jammer, slice your organic granny from Wenatchee and commingle her with organic spices from far-flung tropical forests. Organic cane sugar is always non-GMO and pairs well with the juice of a good Meyer lemon from Ventura. Cook well until the bubbly froth is ready to be poured into jars festooned with ribbons.

If you’re not a cook, but a couch Googler, you can find a web full of organic offerings and gift baskets with a click and a $. Give the gift of organic to remind others of its importance to protecting the biodiversity, soil and water of our planet.

Support you favorite organic non-profit or NGO with donations: As we kiss 2016 goodbye we can simultaneously give a warm embrace to those organizations that have worked to foster organic agriculture. If you scour a favorite organic news source, have a bent on reading organic blogs, or depend on a science and research organization to help decipher the mélange of organic information then now is the time to give.  If any of these sources boast a 501c3 status, you can benefit them and get a tax break in one swell swoop. Give now and give prodigiously to your favorite organic non-profit organization.

Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, food bank or food drive: It’s a time of giving and the most organic gift is one that comes from your heart, hands and mind. Volunteering for those who have less is humbling as well as enriching. Your life blood will pump warm through every portion of your being as you work for others, your heart will swell with love. Volunteer and be rejuvenated by the very act of giving.

Make one organic resolution to help the planet: Endeavor to identify one thing you can change or do in the New Year to help ease our warming planet. Is it time for that solar array, electric car or bright shiny bicycle? Is it time to walk more and ride less? Eat less meat, sugar and processed foods? When the towels and sheets are tattered, organic textilery is the next good purchase. In fact just choosing organic in your daily shopping plan can make a world of difference towards a cleaner more diverse ecology. Will you pledge to put your dollars on the USDA organic seal?

Nurture your family and friends as your most cherished gift: Take several moments to just sit (or stand) and behold those around you who bring you joy, laughter, and daily succor. True there may be times of tears, tantrums, , but this family, be they of blood or friendship, are what makes life precious. They give poignancy and meaning to every breath and pulse of our being. The most organic thing we have is this circle of beloved ones. One never knows when the last moment shall be shared, so cherish each one.

Stir up a recipe of gratitude for the abundance we enjoy: Yes, it may be dark when we leave and again when we come home, but the light will return. All things must ebb and flow. May the darkness remind us of the blessed prosperity we enjoy in this part of the globe. We eat, drink, read and speak with a cornucopia of options at our whims. So it is time to whip up a recipe for holiday gratitude.

Wake up this season, and before you arise, conjure up deep gratitude for just one thing that you have. Hold it closely inside your sleepy head and bask in its glow, feel it. Arise and go forward with this  gratitude in your heart. Repeat daily and feel the radiance that true gratitude bestows.

As the earth tilts and the light returns, let us remember to celebrate this season with an organic theme. You will be richer for it.

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