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Will Climate Take the Center Stage at Expo West this Year?

Do you believe our climate is changing? You may not be feeling the record warmth in the Arctic which has even the most pessimistic scientists rethinking their climate views. But you probably took note of the storms, fires, floods, and heat that caused at least $306 billion in destruction last year in the US.

Climate change is upon us now. Food and agriculture are some of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. As we gather this week in Anaheim, many companies have taken a pledge to leverage the power of the industry to reverse climate change together.

They aim to bring climate awareness to the center stage of this year’s Expo.

The natural products industry has always been based on a deep sense of commitment to the planet. The Climate Collaborative was formed to bring purpose-driven businesses together to accelerate climate solutions.

Thus far, over 150 companies have taken action to make meaningful steps to reverse climate change, both on their own and by working together. Any company can be involved by committing to one or all of the nine innovative and practical climate initiatives.

Wednesday, March 7th will be dedicated to the 2nd annual Climate Day 2018. You will listen to inspirational keynotes, attend breakout sessions and do some important networking. Take the day and get the tools, information and inspiration you need to help your company take meaningful action to reverse global warming.

At 6:30 pm that same evening watch a screening of Dreaming of a Vetter World, a compelling documentary centered around one family who recognized the American agricultural system was broken—and found a solution—long before most people saw a problem.

On Thursday, March 8th, from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, the session Waste Not, Want Not: Tackling Food Waste in Your Company will be held in the Room: Marriott, Orange County Ballroom 3.

Packaging Innovation: Understanding Emerging Technology is on Friday, March 9, from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm at the same Marriott, Orange County Ballroom 1. This is a chance to learn about what is working in terms of new compostable products and is a glimpse into future technologies that could reduce our footprint in radical ways.  

Finish the day with a Toast to Compost at booth 1957. Numi Tea, Alter Eco, and OSC2 invite everyone for cocktails and conversation celebrating compostable packaging innovation!

On Saturday morning, March 10th, you can RSVP to attend the OSC2 Community Breakfast at Expo West to break bread with companies collaborating to support regenerative business models, food system leadership, sustainable packaging, climate action, and soil health.

If you want to learn more about regenerative Ag, don’t miss Climate Strategies: The What, Why, How of Regenerative Organic Certification, Saturday, March 10th from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm at the Marriott, Platinum Ballroom #4.

While climate change is one of the biggest risks ever to face humankind, it’s also one of our greatest opportunities. Solving the climate crisis will make our businesses stronger, our nation more prosperous, and our families safer. It will unleash a new wave of innovation and improve our quality of life.

If you believe that climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing us today and you want to be part of the solution, consider attending all or one of these events.

The climate must take center stage in all our lives going forward.

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    1. We are so divided in so many ways in our big, beautiful country: countertop composters are common place on the west coat; unheard of in Florida due to the plethora of creepy-crawlies as one small example. . . they are not on the shelves in Home Depot. . .not to mention the organic atrocities in other countries, seems to me it should be included in education curriculum at kindergarten level before we wipe ourselves out!

      1. So true Mary!

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