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Can Biodynamic Baby Food Help Heal that Planet?

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Meghan and Keith Rowe aren’t your typical organic entrepreneurs. They both spent their early years living in Europe and became keenly aware of Biodynamic products and farming.

After they came to the US, married and had their first son, Keegan, they realized there was a lack of organic foods that were delicious and farmed in the Biodynamic tradition. They founded White Leaf Provisions where they intend to grow the adoption of Biodynamic products in the US, launching their Biodynamic baby food in the US food this summer.

What’s the history of Biodynamic food and farming?

Biodynamics is the oldest ‘green’ farming and gardening movement and is the forerunner of today’s organic movement.

The Austrian philosopher and scientist, Rudolf Steiner, is best known for his educational ideas that led to the Steiner Schools. In 1924 he conducted a series of Agricultural Lectures to over 100 farmers. These lectures provided novel insights on how to regenerate and improve agriculture.

These ideas led to the foundation of the Biodynamic movement and are the heart of its ethos and farming practices.

Biodynamics is now a worldwide movement, practiced in over 50 countries on over 5000 farms- and its growing.

What makes Biodynamic farming so unique?

Certified Organic products are typically focused on the crop and its production method. Biodynamic certifies the entire farm and all aspects of the farms production.The main principle is that the entire farm exists as a single entity without the need for outside inputs.

It’s truly a regenerative model that seeks to maximize the health and vitality of the soil, the entire ecosystem and crops.

A certified-biodynamic farm replaces all standard synthetic chemicals with natural compost and herbal sprays, implements natural pest management strategies, takes a hands-on approach to tending to their crops, and draws carbon out of the air by sequestering it into the soil. This regular crop rotation builds soil vitality and helps water retention.

These farming techniques offer a real solution to reversing climate change, all while producing pure, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

Meghan and Keith are serious about underscoring the benefits of regeneratively farmed products especially aimed toward children’s food choices. They want consumers to know that “biodynamic farming is helping to heal the planet that our kids are going to inherit.”

How do we know something is Biodynamic?

Demeter-Green-125x200The entire process of Biodynamic, from farming and manufacturing is certified using the Demeter trademark logo. When you see the Demeter label that’s your guarantee that food has been grown and produced to international biodynamic production and processing standards.

The certification uses the USDA organic certification as a base and then it goes beyond those standards.

The Demeter brand enjoys worldwide recognition and is fast becoming the organic brand of choice in Europe.

Why does Biodynamic cost more?

 Meghan and Keith intend to shed more light on what US consumers are paying for when they purchase a biodynamic product. “Biodynamic products taste amazing, are chemical free, non-GMO, Organic, kosher and regeneratively farmed which helps heal the planet.

The reason why these products cost a little extra is that 95% of Biodynamic farms are typically small family run businesses. Their farms use more manual labor and they pay their workers fairly. Their yields grow slower and require more hands-on maintenance and care.   After harvesting a crop, a Biodynamic farmer uses that area to grow “cover crops,” to benefit the soil and draw carbon back out of the atmosphere.

Farming in a manner that revitalizes the soil comes with many costly challenges.

Certifying Biodynamic farms is an expense that is costly but a necessity to guarantee the quality and regulation of the strict standards that have been in practice for almost 100 years.”

Healing the planet one baby at a time

White Leaf

Meghan and Keith believe that beginning to adopt a mindful lifestyle is one of the keys to be a responsible citizen of the world and truly caring for ourselves and our families.

“Our mission is to do the hard work for you! We research, develop, and offer products that make living mindfully simple. Everything we feature is environmentally friendly and pure. We believe that creating and sourcing products that enable others to live more mindfully is our way of giving back to the world.”

White Leaf Provisions’ Biodynamic, organic baby food line will be first of its kind in the US. They are available nationally online and will soon be launching in several retail locations in California. The first blends are ‘Sweet Potato, Carrot & Pea,’ and ‘Mango, Carrot, Banana & Pear,’ with two new flavors coming later this year.

They have been nominated for an Eco-Excellence award for both “Best Baby Food” and Best Toddler Snack”, you can cast your vote here. The voting runs between now and Aug 31st.

“The threat of climate change is real, and we now see that regenerative Biodynamic farming goes beyond sustainable practices by improving the land itself.

These farming practices work to increase biodiversity, restore soil nutrient levels, and improve water retention rates. The use of cover crops draws carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in the ground.”

That’s what’s inside each serving of their Biodynamic baby food… and the kids, they just love it!

Watch this video to learn all about White Leaf Provisions.


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  1. We love working with White Leaf and providing them with Biodynamically grown apples and pears. And, yes, we are a small family farm. Thanks for a great explanation of what it means to be Demeter certified and why it is the gold standard for sustainable farming.

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