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What Frieda Rapoport Caplan Taught me


I never personally knew Frieda Caplan, the woman who is credited with bringing many once-exotic fruits and vegetables to the United States. I knew only of her gifts—kiwifruits, habaneros, jicama and Asian pears. I was just a toddler when she opened Frieda’s Specialty Produce, the first woman-owned wholesale produce business. The ground she covered made it easier for me to open my company in 1996.

Hearing of Frieda’s passing at 96, I was profoundly touched by the outpouring of admiration and sorrow. I reached out to a few of my early colleagues who knew her. I was moved to tears by their stories.

Thus, began a series of revelations about the importance of mentoring and being mentored. Continue reading “What Frieda Rapoport Caplan Taught me”

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Dubai: A Gateway to The Middle East Market and Its Flavor


In December, I traveled to Dubai as part of a Trade Mission with the Organic Trade Association (OTA). At the onset, I was nervous about what I had read online. A conservative Muslim culture that I knew nothing about. Well, none of it was what I expected!

I found a vibrant International culture of Westerners, South Asians, and of course, Emiratis all coexisting with tolerance and acceptance. A place of great wealth with an eye towards the future and a market that is hungry for Organic products. Continue reading “Dubai: A Gateway to The Middle East Market and Its Flavor”