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What Will Be Our New Normal?


photo of snow capped mountain

Have you seen pictures of Los Angeles since the coronavirus forced us all to stay at home? The air sparkles, mountains rise clearly in the distance.

Even the residents of Northern India are getting their first sight of the Himalayas in over a generation.

The factories are closed, the highways empty, the skies all but free from planes. This virus has made us stop, but has it made us think?

What is normal, and should we try to return to the old ways of doing business? Continue reading “What Will Be Our New Normal?”

What is Organic

Focus, Gratitude, and Creativity in Viral Times

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It started raining in California a few days ago. The sound of it made me realized I had completely stopped worrying about the drought. This revelation was beset with another—that I fret too much about things beyond my control. Be it the manmade follies we employ, or the way nature throws us curve balls.  Continue reading “Focus, Gratitude, and Creativity in Viral Times”