On the Edge? Here are 5 Simple Ways You Can Learn to Relax


Does your life feel overwhelming these days? Social unrest, political upheaval, texts, newsbytes—it never stops. This Niagara of information that gushes over us can make it seem like we’re living on a constant precipice of stress. One more thing just might push us over the edge.

There are a few lifeboats we can throw ourselves to help reel us back in and help us relax a bit. Here are 5 simple things I do to increase my state of relaxation and peace of mind when I’m on the edge.

  1. Visualization is Powerful

Visualization has been a powerful tool in my life. I was fortunate to have a mother that taught me never to “hate” a situation a thing or a person. She taught me to instead visualize what would make me happy in the situation. To really feel how that would be. Sometimes it helped to say it aloud or write it down. I have created many things in my life using this visualization technique.

The same thing can be done if you want to relax. Visualize what that looks and feels like. You may imagine standing by a waterfall or a hot bubbling spring. Feel your muscles settle, and your mind let go.

It’s about being mindful and taking the time to stop and process things when we start to feel stressed.

Visualize relaxation, and it shall be so.

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  1. Spend Some Time in the Sun 

Spending a little time in the sun can help us relax. The scientific facts have been proven. When we bask in sunlight, the ultraviolet radiation causes our skin to create vitamin D and increases our serotonin levels. Both of these boost our immune system and heighten our mood.

Just being outside, feeling the warms of the sun, and its vibration on all living things makes me happy. I slow down, listen to the sounds around me, and I naturally relax.

Keep in mind that sunscreen prevents vitamin D production. But we only need 10 to 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to make vitamin D. After that bit of time, it’s best to wear sunscreen or protective clothing.

  1. Stop and Connect with Your Breathing

Trying to relax when your stressed is tough because your body is probably tensed and you aren’t connected to what’s happening inside.

When this happens to me, I take a step back—and that can be a hard step to take.

Then I draw a long, slow breath in through my nose, first filling my lower lungs, then well into my upper lungs. I hold my breath to the count of three. Then exhale slowly through my open lips, all the while relaxing the muscles in my face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach.Doing this a few times grounds me and helps me pay attention to that vital wind that feeds every fiber of my being.

  1. Try A Little Meditation

For many people, meditation is one of the best ways to achieve a more relaxed outlook on life.

With the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, you can explore non-duality and focus on yourself, using meditation to relax and achieve an outlook on life that’s far more positive. Give meditation a try if you haven’t already. It can be a life-changer.

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  1. Drink Green Tea and Benefit from L-Theanine

Green tea has been used as a restorative medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It may seem counterintuitive, but green tea actually contains a little thing called L-theanine, which studies show increases brain dopamine and serotonin. Both of these increase our general feeling of calm and well-being.

L-theanine calming effects may compensate for the stimulating effects of the natural caffeine present in green tea. So, you get a slight boost along with a sense of calm relaxation. Yum!

There are plenty of wonderful organic and fair trade teas available on many store shelves.

Finding ways to relax is important.

It increases the flow of blood around our bodies, giving us more energy. It helps us develop a calmer, clearer mind which aids positive thinking, concentration, memory, and decision making. Relaxation slows our heart rate, reduces our blood pressure, and relieves tension. It’s healthier to feel relaxed and actually helps us accomplish more every day if we remain calm.

These 5 simple things bring me away from the brink of stress.

What helps you relax?

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