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How Can Food Help us Reconnect with Someone Important?

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The relationships we have are not static; they are always flowing and evolving. Just like a good sourdough starter, a friendship will not grow and rise to the occasion if you don’t tend to it. If we forget about that loaf and don’t feed, knead and touch it, it will flatten and die. It will become a remembrance of something fragrant and delicious.

During these times of isolation, we may have let some of our friendships become stale. Be it an old friend, a distant family member or even our close beloved ones, it’s important to reconnect and keep the relationship alive.

One of the best ways I have found to connect with my community is through food. Because it’s an essential and primordial part of being human, it can make us closer on a very deep level.

Make Meals an Act of Love

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Never forget the beauty and diversity a meal can bring. One of the things I have enjoyed most about travel was bringing home exotic recipes and sharing them with neighbors and friends.

I have a fascination with Middle Eastern cuisine and have gone on several couscous, shawarma, and kabob binges.

Bringing these new flavors to the lips of my friends and family has always brought us together.

You may wish to utilize this recipe for excellent chicken kabobs that help you eat without having to think too hard about it, while sharing a few words overs something delicious.

Sharing a new cuisine or meal is an act of love. It can be the best grounding point of reconnecting with someone, because it helps you both stay vulnerable with one another, about personal preferences and tastes.

I have a dear friend who dislikes feta cheese, a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. It took some courage on her part to let me know not to crumble it over her salad.

That’s one way that food can help us learn to speak honestly.

Speaking honestly about your feelings, and your perspective on the relationship, or what needs you have and what help you would be willing to give can be important.

If you’re not fond of pickled red cabbage that’s been massaged with lemon, vinegar, and salt until it turns brilliant pink, don’t just cringe and swallow. Say something, speak your mind.

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If you aren’t honest about what you like to make someone feel better, it certainly doesn’t promote genuine and authentic communication. In fact, you may never want to try another meal together again if you don’t speak up.

Honesty helps us understand each other better and makes reconnecting a deep bond, indeed.

Don’t Force It

Don’t force the conversation. Don’t force the dish or drink or dessert. Bring the person you are hoping to reconnect with into the planning process. In fact, you can even invite them to cook alongside you. Or on a video call if that’s safer!

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One of my greatest joys is to buy all organic ingredients and watch their faces fill with delight as they behold the juiciest, most flavorful ingredients. The tomatoes burst with juice, the sugar peas snap, and the cucumbers elongate into perfect slices of green joy.

I try not to preach about my organic tendencies, but instead, let them experience the flavor and quality of organic food.

If they think I’ve been an elitist or a braggart about my organic life, we realize over a glass of biodynamic rose how delicious our lives can be.

Passing time cooking or just savoring a good organic meal together brings understanding and reconnection.

I think tonight I will prepare an organic fettuccini alfredo for the neighbors I haven’t seen for a very long time. We will distance outside of course!

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The Organic Center has a plethora of organic recipes for you to explore and share with friends and family.

Each dish comes with a side of science on the nutritional and environmental benefits of the organic ingredients used. They have a variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes that everyone will love.

Let’s reconnect with organic food, bringing us closer to the people we care about. It’s delicious and better for you and for the planet.

Let me know how you are reconnecting through food.

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  1. Thank you Melody Meyer, thought itself is a Seed Sown,emerges from human beings. One should control, thoughts before releasing to Vast Galaxies. Once you get good or bad thoughts,will be perceived in Nature. As i see the way isolation in the present situation, the way to come out,we should embrace anything comes in Nature.

  2. Knead and touch, it has wonderful creation for food, either for single celled creature to higher level creature, touch is the knead for evolution in Nature for Life Cycle. Everything is evolved through touch or sparsha in the Universe.

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