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Let’s Tip Towards Reason and Heal This Chaos

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I can’t help but think it’s getting mighty precarious for our big-brained species from where I sit with ash raining down and smoke choking the air. The earth behaves like a petulant child, and we understand why we are the recipients of her fury.

We can choose to retreat for fear of fire and flood, pestilence and disease. Or we can decide to listen to the portend of her message and take action to put things back in order.

It used to be thrilling as a child! The wind, lightning and rain were a sign that mother nature was alive and vital. 

Now, the entire world is in peril, not just meteorologically but psychologically and philosophically: all have all gone off orbit.

Chaos reigns from the depths of both regions of the exterior and interior. While we prepare for the worst of it, yet to come, I serve forth learnings to keep us somewhat on the firm course of reason.

It is time to vote for politicians that take care of the things that matter.

Photo by annie bolin on Unsplash

Mother Earth, the water, the soil, and her entire biosphere must stop being poisoned.

Honoring all our brothers and sisters, human life means something, We all deserve a healthy planet – one that sustains enough food, education and opportunity for all.  

We sweat out the warmest month on record, month after month, with no particular urgent mention. The scientists have been silenced.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Laura wreaked havoc on Texas and Louisiana, with more than half a million people under siege.  

My Iowa birthplace is still rebuilding and rebooting from the August 10th derecho that brought winds of up to 140 miles an hour and left more than 400,000 without power (it hasn’t been restored for many).

Since August 17th, wildfires in California have burned through more than 1 million acres, destroying over 2,000 structures and caused at least seven deaths.

A fire of a different sort is burning in America as the coronavirus continues to spread. As of this writing, the US holds the proud position of number one with 6,167,264 total cases and 187,178 deaths.

There is a profound disconnect between the reality of what is happening and what we hear from those in power.

Read my previous post on how to help elect officials who support organic agriculture, which helps to mitigate climate change.

Do not abuse nor use more water than you need.  

Potable fresh water is precious and increasingly scarce in Africa, India and the Western US. According to the World Wildlife Fund, 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water.

Inadequate sanitation is also a problem, and 2 million people, mostly children, die each year from diseases.

Humans carry water for arduous kilometers balanced with baskets on their heads just to soothe the thirst of their children, cook a pot of grain or wash a tired hand.

Farmers need water to grow our food. Fish, birds and the beasts of our disappearing wild have rights to fresh streams and clear lakes.

We waste more water flushing and brushing, showering and flossing in a day than some people use in a month.

Do not take water for granted! It will fuel the next war of the world, and someday may be more precious than gold.

Keep a small arsenal of precious things – and give the rest away

Photo by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unspla
Photo by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unspla

Packing up for a fire evacuation was as enlightening as the lightening that thundered down upon our forest. What was imperative? What should I bring that I really needed? It was an interesting exercise in values. Golden rings, paper money, photos, the marbles my grandfather won in tournaments a century ago? What is precious, and how much do I need to survive?

Peruvian tapestries and French linens may be irreplaceable, but I found that I had hoarded so many artifacts that hadn’t seen the light of day for decades.

While loathing the wind and the ash reigning down, I realize many of these things are not really worth anything.

My life and my health, my love and my passion are the real treasures. As the hotspots die down, I unpack the basics and find it is time to simplify my life and give many things away.   

Loving is not easy during times of distress!

You depend on that people YOU LOVE THE MOST, and then you believe they betray you,  

Instead, they hold a mirror that shows your psychological lines, your fears and transgressions.

Do not be afraid to look into their gaze.  The facade of your truth is something they hold; it is a modicum of learning – listen to this love.

Your health is your responsibility

It’s up to you, my friend. You are the most precious light in the universe. That can heal your broken, beautiful shinning self – or you can fall like an angel.

There is no cloud nor story except the one that you are willing to create

Eat, move, love and make this your moment.

Love thine self before another

it’s all we really have.  

Nurture all things that you touch

Friends, plants, lovers, lizards, lost dogs and lichen—they all need our great care at this very moment. Many special unique beings are dying forever.  

They deserve as much of this planet as we do because biodiversity is why we even exist.

I will tell you about organic farming and how and why it is a healing for our changing planet.

Because how we grow our food is integral to our survival.

But you already expect that of me

So, you must wait until the next posting. I hope my keyboard survives the blight of this imperfect night, to impart more reason.  

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

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