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Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Stay Strong – We May be in for a Wild Ride

We are in for one wild ride!
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I’m as tired of sheltering in place as almost everyone is by now. It’s been months of not touching or seeing beloved friends and family. Zoom receptions don’t cut if – where’s the wine?

If the experts are right, we are ill-prepared for what’s yet to come ahead. This pandemic isn’t over, nor is the social unrest and discord in our political circles. 

If you ask me, all people deserve the right to nutritious organic food, health care, education, clean energy and a planet that isn’t degraded.

While we sort this out and deal with a global pandemic, here are a few tips to keep us safe, sane and strong, while making the planet a better place.

Organic Agriculture helps mitigate climate change! Photo by Bethany Szentesi on Unsplash

Commit to buying and eating organic food, textiles and body products.

Research shows that you’re feeding yourself and your family the highest quality food when you choose organic. While we fight this global scourge, organic food positively impacts our health. Studies show that organic foods can provide greater nutrition, disease-fighting antioxidants, healthy omega-3 fatty acids. You will receive none of the toxic pesticides or fertilizers, no antibiotics and no synthetic growth hormones.

Learn more about the health benefits of Organic Food from The Organic Center – and keep your body strong with organic food.

Growing your own organic garden delivers a never-ending panoply of fresh organic food directly to your table. Aside from making it easier to make winning food choices, it will reduce your food wastage. It’s also an activity that will take your mind off the world’s woes and back to the planet.

Don’t forget the clothes you wear and the products you put on your skin. From applicators to organic creams, the right choices will help you lead a better life. You’ll also support organic farmers and organic businesses everywhere.

Don’t let COVID stop you from reducing your footprint.

Did you know that most of the COVID masks are made from plastics?
Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash

While we aren’t driving as much or flying hither and tither, COVID-19 has considerably worsened the Ocean Plastic Pollution Problem. We’ve seen a drastic increase in the use of masks and gloves and a decline in recycling programs.  About eight million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year. This equates to one garbage truck’s worth of plastic being dumped into our oceans every minute, and it is threatening the health of our seas.

Wear a cloth mask. You don’t need blue plastic gloves; wash your hands often.

Bring your own bag to the store and local takeout and buy recyclable waste bags for your home and office.

Your home life is where you can make the most difference. Purchase energy-efficient appliances and moderate your thermostat – put on that organic sweater! Switch to LED lighting and motion sensors, so lights aren’t burning the midnight oil.

For a more significant upgrade, you may want to consider solar roof panels too. The price of solar is coming down, and many states offer rebates and support.

Repair and reuse appliances and materials you already have. My grandmother used to say, “I’m too poor to buy cheap things.” When something broke, it was fixed, not replaced.

If something was lying around, a use was found for it. For instance: Wooden pallets can become garden storage features. Old toys can become décor for your child’s bedroom; old clothes can be upcycled by adding zippers, buttons, or graphics.

Nurture and care for yourself during this stressful time

Take more baths, learn to meditate, read inspirational books that serve to empower and invigorate. Focusing on one positive thought each day can change your entire world.

There are many quotes that can help you adjust your outlook on life. Be grateful for one thing the minute you wake up!

Build a sturdy foundation that will help you hold a more resilient lifestyle. This can range from maintaining physical health and sleeping more to keeping your finances in good health. When your body and mind are at peace, the world can go awry, but you’re okay! 

Since we are all sheltering in place with our families, try to have some fun and get closer. Cook together, read poetry, dance or put on a skit – just turn off the television and smart-phone. When spending time with the family, these fun games and activities can support the organic lifestyle.

Please remember to exercise your right to VOTE!

If you live in the US (or just about anywhere else on the planet), you must realize by now that the next US election may determine whether millions of people live or die. The future of our planet and our freedom is clearly at stake.

Don’t let the pursuit of the perfect get in the way of the good. If you haven’t already, vote early or show up and wait in line. Here is more information on polling locations: https://www.vote.org/polling-place-locator/

It’s the only way we will stay safe, sane and strong during the ride of our lifetime.

Vote to protect our democracy! Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

Hey friends, thanks for reading. I included links within this post. I make a little money for some of these referrals, and the FTC wants you to know that. If you know me personally or have been a longtime reader, I hope you also know that I only recommend companies that I believe in. Live well, friend.

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  1. Wonderful recommendations Melody. I would love a post in which you include some reputable sources for organic clothing (I like the brand Pact which is sold at Whole Foods but I don’t know of many others) and solar power companies. There’s so much on the internet you don’t know what you can trust.


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