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There is no Going Back – How the Pandemic is Reshaping and Regenerating Organic Events

The word “Regenerative” is a theme I shall ruminate on for a few blogs to drive the idea home.

The definition of Regeneration itself means to EVOLVE capacity – not to do better or follow certain rules. It means to make you, your business – your life – your friends – more able to do what you, they, or it seeks to do to express your essence.

It’s evident now that COVID has socially disrupted us. But it has forced us to reimagine new ways of doing things, bringing stakeholders together, expanding and Regenerating our belief systems.  

Organic conferences and events will be virtual for some time, and supporting them is crucial now more than ever. These virtual events provide the opportunity to reach more people and have a greater impact ever before! That’s Regenerative Thinking! 

Let’s Start with the EcoFarm Conference!

Some fifty years ago, a few good souls began to farm without chemical inputs. That worldview grew into the Organic movement, which in its nascence required that farmers support and teach each other.

Some forty-one years ago, my friend Bob Contisano organized a gathering of organic growers to communicate and share ideas. Thus, the EcoFarm Conference was born.

Amigo Bob Cantisano

It grew into a broad network of grassroots leaders who have facilitated an exchange of knowledge for over 60,000 people. In person, breaking bread, debating, singing around campfires, sharing knowledge and libations. That camaraderie meant much to me. 

But the worldview we once held has been disrupted. If we don’t embrace and support these events as virtual collaborations, we are missing the boat of Regeneration. 

This year we virtually celebrate the 41st EcoFarm Conference January 20th – 23rd.

Aptly named “Reimagining Our Future,” it will be live online in collaboration with Sierra Harvest.

The conference will offer over 50 workshops, with Spanish content, intensives, keynotes, and a virtual expo.  Networking opportunities will still abound with affinity groups and other special events.

How does a virtual event bring Regeneration to our community? 

Its makes sense to embrace virtual events! Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

Virtual provides the ability to reach people across the globe. No expensive travel or lodging expenses are required to have access to a wide range of workshops, speakers, and networking opportunities.

Networking means that distributors, buyers, certifiers, consultants, activists, educators, and eaters will come together with farmers and ranchers to delve into the full spectrum of our mutual challenges. We will seek and share new opportunities for growing healthy farms, food, and communities.

Another benefit is that all registered attendees will have access to the conference recordings that can be watched anytime!

This year more than ever, is THE YEAR to participate in EcoFarm. Let’s begin 2021 by listening, learning, and connecting so that we can support one another peer-to-peer, farmer to farmer.

Together we can reimagine the future and Regenerate our path forward.

The idealistic worldview we believed 30, 40, or 50 years ago doesn’t work anymore. If we fail to think in a Regenerative way, we could be causing major damage in the very areas we wished to heal.

If we stay stuck inside our old patterns of thinking, we fail to serve Organic’s essence.

EcoFarm continues to be an essential farmer-to-farmer education model for ecologically-minded farmers, ranchers, and all who work to support their success in growing a healthy and just food system and world.

EcoFarm will now be virtual- But farmers will still learn

 Register by Tuesday, December 22nd with code reimagine and save $30!

Silos are not built for organic pioneers – you know this in your bones. Will you join me in the new Regenerative thinking – a new Agricultural Revolution?

Let’s embrace virtual events next year.

I will be highlighting The Organic Center’s virtual event in upcoming blogs. Stay tuned and stay agile. If you want to learn more about Regenerative Thinking, read: The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, and Your Destiny, by Carol Sanford.

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  1. Hi Melody,
    Thanks for letting us know about this event.
    I can’t see m to find the price for the Conference. I went to the webpage you posted and even they don’t have the price listed. I know we get a discount if we pay before the 22nd but a discount off how much? Do you know the price? You might want to let them know it’s tough to find it.


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