Conjuring Up a Positive Future in a Chaotic World

I had the good fortune to have a mother who taught me the future was mine to imagine. She believed that with positive intentions and affirmations one could create anything – and I believed her. 

I went forward and manifested many things –, a home with a view, a business with purpose, and a sense of self-empowerment.

Then the world went sideways a bit. Perhaps it was heading that way already, but a show-stopping pandemic, intensifying climate emergencies, on the heels of political and social unrest has made me ponder.

How can we all stay positive in a world full of chaos? I have a few ideas:       

Understand who you are and what makes you happy. 

My mother taught me to take some time to listen to how I feel. What is it that I want? What makes me happy?

Emotions are like impulses of creation; if we’re constantly worried, fretful, or angry, that’s the focus we see, and thats what we get. If we focus instead on our joy and gratitude, we will attract those things into our life.

Being clear on what you want and setting goals in that direction is the first step. Dream big, say what you want out loud, write it down – then feel it.

Discover new interests that delight and inform your positive self.

There are so many ways we can work towards finding our joy. Exercise with vigor, dance with passion, eat delicious food, meditate or practice yoga. Even just reading some good advice can nudge you in the right direction.

Last year gave us all the chance to slow down and delve deeper into natural curiosities. I currently find myself in a state of “Enlichenment.” I am enthralled with the beauty and marvels of lichen. As two-species-in-one, they can travel unperturbed through outer space. Since their arrival 250 million years ago, they’ve been churning soil out of rocks, allowing plants to photosynthesize, creating the oxygen we need to live.  That makes me happy indeed!

Discover the things that intrigue and don’t discount the small stuff. The magnitude of our natural world will spark joy when you see the magic in the world.

Take control and manage your information intake.

We live in an age of information overload, constantly pinged, and alerted throughout the day. Headlines report all the terrible things, which are just a small percentage of what’s happening. Roping in this cavalcade of information goes a long way to creating a positive outlook.

Start by turning off all notifications on your devices. I mean everything, texts, emails, news flashes – let there be peace.

This can be wrenching at first. You might miss that message from Auntie Bloomer or be the last to know the end is near.

Then after a few days of quiet, decide what you really need and turn on one or two alerts. Which ones did you really miss? What do you really need?   

Decide which news outlets you find the most balanced and informative and visit them once or twice a day. Come to them on your own terms; don’t let them come to you.

Set regular times to check email or texts. Once again, you’re in control of the communiques. Unsubscribe from lists that aren’t relevant – all the shoe ads must go. 

Being in control of the stream of chatter goes a long way to creating a peaceful mind.

Identify the places you can make positive change.

Even if you turn down the decibels, the cacophony of bad news can make it in, leaving you feeling helpless. A powerless mote buffeted about in a world gone askew. But in actual fact, there is something you can do.

Do not be buffeted by fate
Photo by Lionel HESRY on Unsplash

Find the issues that matter the most to you and work to make a difference. If you peek online, you’ll discover you’re not alone in bettering your cause. Find your tribe and work with them to be the change you want. You can get a lot of positivity and enthusiasm just by meeting with like-minded people who want to take action to make the world a better place.

It’s possible you are interested in doing your part to save the planet. If so, then you might want to research movements such as the Katingan Mentaya Project and find out how you can contribute to possibilities like this. 

Find strength in communion with others and believe we can manifest a positive future together.

Hope resides in us – It’s time to set our intentions high and create the world we want.

Photo by Amadeo Valar on Unsplash

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