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Regenerative Life- A Secret to Success

Regenerate Life
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I hold an innate belief that humans are good at heart. Inherently creative and innovative if given the chance and place to nurture their talents. If you have a business, you can harness this energy to help you (and everyone)  succeed. 

You can never guarantee your business’ success, but you can do things to improve your chances. Adopting a regenerative business model taps into a powerful life source, fostering and developing it to improve life for customers, workers, and the planet. 

“Regenerative” is perhaps an overused word, yet I embrace the idea of Regenerative Business Principles, from Carol Sanford, an elder and a thought disrupter.  

The definition of Regeneration itself means to EVOLVE capacity—not to do better or follow certain rules. It means to make you—your business—your employees—your friends, more able to do what you set out to do—to express its very essence.

Treat your people well 

Remember, you’re motivating a team, and your employees want to be part of winning the day. 

They want to work for someone that treats them with respect and a bit of nurturing. Don’t be afraid to treat them every now and then – consider something like Barrio Queen Corporate Catering, for example. Once my business was running, I paid for 10-minute chair massages for employees as part of their breaks and relaxation. Workplace morale endures and helps win the team. 

Listen well to advice from mentors

We need the help of others and those who are more experienced to figure things out sometimes.  One of my early customers based in Pennsylvania had a sage founder who told me, “Always hire people smarter, that know more about certain areas than you do.” 

That was the best advice I ever took. I trusted those people implicitly because who was I to make financial statements?

A person who has run a successful business can give you deep insights; be sure to listen when they offer it. 

Think about the whole systems we operate in.

How much do we think, or do we just have thoughts? Not original thoughts but ones passed to us through a teacher, parents, experience. The way we learn to think is often linear. 

We see a problem—we attack the problem—solve it, we must. But we can also begin to think beyond the immediate and resolve the underlying issue that caused the problem. 

If you want to change your industry, transform your business and people’s lives. Pick up her book, “The Responsible Entrepreneur.”

It’s a book for those who dream big, promise more, and keep raising the bar for themselves and everyone else.

Find out more about Carol’s Regenerative Business Summit in November

Believe in a New Paradigm
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My final thoughts:

We this people exist on a small and spinning planet 

Full of life and diversity

One of strife and university 

Our species has achieved the ability to wipe it all away 

We are for the most part good people 

We love our families and play by the rules 

We hold the capability for great beauty, creativity, and compassion

It imperative that we make a paradigm shift to think in “whole systems” Before this time in space perishes  

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Dear Reader, Thanks for following these disruptive thoughts herein. 

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