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Cultivating Gardens In Times of Change

Plant gardens of peace and hope

When the sun first carried the Earth into her orbit, she cast an accumulation of neutrons and dust into a perfect cosmic storm. A Blue Planet where life flourished.

Now we threaten that perfection.

We’re knee-deep in a series of calamities, many the result of human transgressions.

Emerging from isolation, we have changed, so has the world. The price of rice and beans rise along with methane, carbon, and temperature levels.

IPCC’s latest report on Climate Change brandished its starkest warning yet. Our world is getting hotter and sicker much faster than previously thought. The extent and magnitude of these impacts will be felt by all of us.

Impacts on food, water and agriculture will stoke our already anxious fears of war and sociopolitical unrest. Making us all a bit whacky.

Fear is the midwife of complacency. So lets think about reaping a different harvest ,

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