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Beauty Begins When You Decide to Be Your Gorgeous Self

Taking Care of Yourself is Beauty

As a young twenty-year-old bud, I went to the Tuamotus to live with a family. This string of 80 islands & atolls in French Polynesia was so beautiful it literally blew my bikini socks off. 

Surrounded by satin-white sand and the bluest of waters, I felt doughy and pudgy straight out of Iowa. Looking back at those pictures today, I see one hell-of-a gorgeous babe in paradise. 

Only in my 30s did I realize if I was going to be anyone of consequence, I mustn’t focus on some barbie-doll beauty façade. The day that happened, I felt gloriously exquisite. I found my inner goddess of beauty, just being me. 

It does take practice to feel your splendiferousness every day. Here are a few tips to I use to help my natural beauty shine. 

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What is Organic

Time to Think About Self-Sufficient Living? A Short Organic Beginners Guide to The Future

Together we can build resilience

I don’t know about you, but I’m experiencing a fair amount of chaos in the world. My sense of place, who I am, and my tribe/family are all up in the air. You can’t find anyone still working who isn’t stressed, overwhelmed, and underpaid, juggling three jobs. When you call your fifth-in-line, no one’s taking new patients, our therapists have lost patience. 

The news is full of scary futures and present dangers. They are real. Climate Change, Political Upheaval, Food Security, Inequality, Mass Extinctions, Violence, and Pandemics seem to be coming together in a perfect storm. 

It’s time to think regeneratively about the future and how to take care of ourselves without surrendering to a collective future PTSD.

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What is Organic

Health & Happiness in Trippy Times

Find your inner joy in nature.

Being a child of the 60s, the word “trippy” was an unfortunate part of my lexicon. So much so that my guide in Ecuador once asked, “What does trippy mean?” His English was impeccable, so he was embarrassed.

Apparently, I had exclaimed the word far too often and could only tell him something about the Grateful Dead. 

Today, I don’t use the word casually. Trippy times define the bewildering number of calamities bedeviling us all at once. You’ve got to admit freaky things (there I go again) are happening that we could not have imagined even ten years ago. 

It’s 108 Fahrenheit here, and the forest is dry. New fires erupt all around the state. Friends are still sick with “God-Knows-What” fungus, virus, or addle-brained symptoms of plague and tribulation. 

These are times of political bamboozlement, horrors of war, and violence, domesticated and globally cultivated. Poverty and famine, with nearly 9 billion to feed during heat and floods and loss of crops. 

You have two choices: become thunderstruck or tap into your innate health and happiness.  

Take care of your body, that vessel that holds your human potential.

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