What is Organic

Why Adopt a Vegan Diet?

In the old days we ate everything.
Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

I grew up with grandparents of the 19th century deeply rooted in an agrarian culture. They were the children of German immigrants who ate mostly grains, legumes vegetables, and fruit, meat was a small part of their diet.

Today things have changed. We eat way too much meat and it’s hurting us and killing the planet.

Many of the most brilliant and mindful souls I know live lightly and choose vegan diets and lifestyles.

Why did they transition to a vegan diet in the first place? What is it that drives them to make the choice every day and enjoy it?

I decided to ask a few of my vegan friends why they’ve adopted and love the vegan lifestyle.

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What is Organic

Permaculture to Ease The Permacrisis

person in red shirt wearing watch
Its high time to plant a garden
Photo by Tran on Pexels.com

It’s odd to think about gardening even as the air nips and the leaves turn and fall.

Planting a seed or a bulb, or a bush can spruce up your life in any season.

And I believe a dalliance with nature is exactly what we need right now—in a world, we couldn’t have imagined even four years ago.

We have entered the age of Permacrisis. (Yet another word to add to your dictionary.)

It describes the extended period of instability and insecurity we continue to live in. We’ve become numb to political instability, the war in Ukraine, climate catastrophes, the cost of living, and food insecurity. 

It is so relevant that Collins Dictionary has anointed it “Word of the Year 2022.

Planting a garden isn’t just a means of enhancing the visual appeal of your space. It’s also an increasingly important pastime that offers self-sufficiency and exercise and eases stress.

If you’re keen to get into gardening, but don’t know where to start, this guide contains all the advice you need.

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