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Achieving a Sustainable Future Requires Beasts of Change

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Times running out to avoid climate disaster
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Many of us hope to create a sustainable future somehow…. but the answers aren’t found in the future, they must be discovered here today. Because climate change is causing more frequent and more severe storms, floods, droughts, wildfires, and extreme weather events every day,

Climate change is a REAL threat to human well-being and the health of the planet, it requires urgent and far-reaching actions and fundamental changes in all aspects of human life to increase people’s and nature’s ability to cope with, and respond to, climate change.

Indeed, our entire biosphere is breaking down as we stand by and knew it all along.  

We knew burning fossils for fuel was going to create climate havoc. Exxon scientists predicted the pace and scale of climate change more than 40 years ago, the oil firm knew about and downplayed the risks posed by continued fossil fuel use.

Had the world adapted to climate change in the 1970s the current climate crises could have been avoided. Now, the world faces the uphill task of preserving a livable planet for our species. 

Food and Agriculture are A Big Part of the Answer 

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If we make effective adaptation actions in our food systems today it will not only enhance food stability and mitigate climate damage. 

The food industry emits around 170 million metric tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year, which is the equivalent of 42 coal-fired power stations.

These carbon emissions come in the form of livestock rearing, transport, and waste processing. Switching to a vegan diet can eliminate the majority of these GHG and reduce a carbon footprint by 73%. 

Effective options include Organic Agroecological principles and practices, in agroforestry, community-based gardens, farms, and landscape diversification, ecosystem-based management in fisheries and aquaculture. 

Adopting a vegan diet is better for the planet, but it’s also better for the animals and the consumers. 

 At one time, a vegan diet was thought to be an extreme lifestyle choice, but not anymore. Delicious vegan options are available in most supermarkets and restaurants, and the lifestyle doesn’t have the same stigma associated with it.   

Over-Consumption of Goods Feeds the Carbon Beast 

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Since the mid 19th Century, the wheels of industry have been steadily turning, generating greenhouse gases that have led to current climate change

Although scientists and environmentally-minded people have been actively conscious of the problem since the 1970s, little has been done to prevent emissions. The global economy is designed for consumers. 

“Sustainable development and lifestyle changes include clean energy generation, circular economies, healthy diets from sustainable farming, appropriate urban planning and transport, universal health coverage and social protection, training, and education as well as water and energy access for everyone to help to reduce poverty.” ICPP Report

Re-envision Transportation 

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Private cars are still the most popular way to get around.  Chances are you have one or two vehicles in your family. Daily travel in private vehicles equipped with conventional engines produces carbon emissions and contributes to climate change. 

Alternatives include old fashion walking, riding a bike, or taking public transportation. Or buying an electric vehicle. Although electric cars still produce carbon emissions, some of the electricity is generated from renewable sources. 

What is Really Important?

When you are laying down and your friends all come around, what will you regret? anything? Will you remember the joy and love you gave and received? The unions you formed and the people you touched, how you were both better for it. 

What you learned and how you changed. 

Money means nothing when you lay there at that moment. Having more things and cheaper food & goods at the expense of our planet will seem ridiculous indeed. 

If you haven’t spoken the truth to someone you love, do it soon. The comet is coming for all of us. Sustainable living requires community, compassion, and assistance. Don’t try to do this alone.

Sustainable Life on the Planet starts with 9 billion Souls

Climate change is destined to change the way we live in the world from now on. Clearly, it is no longer possible to live the consumer-led lifestyles of the 20th and early 21st centuries. We must create our own narratives and realities to be sustainable beasts. 

The earlier these changes are implemented, with an emphasis on equity and justice, the more options and solutions for Climate Resilient Development will become available. 

Get your Climate Change Beast in gear. We don’t have any time to lose.

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