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Happiness and Wellbeing in Constellation 

They say the universe is expanding, and as it does, we seem to be accelerating the velocity of our species. Ordinary matter turned into extraordinary conscious beings—trying to keep up with the cosmos. 

Astrophysics aside, we are in the midst of great change, and in order to keep up, we need to cultivate health and happiness. In fact, cultivating our joy leads directly to our physical well-being. 

If you are on the lookout for ways to improve your health and well-being then you are not alone.  

Expansion and Perspective 

One-hundred-billion years from now, the galaxies and their clusters of stars will be farther away from us and each other. Our place, called the Milky Way, is just a suburb of a HUGE universe. Perhaps with no finite end. 

That gives me perspective on who I am—my place. 

I recently weathered a series of storms, deluges of rain, and hurricane winds. Landslides, great trees falling and potholes that could swallow my car.  

So, I feel sorry for my state and imagine trauma and sorrow. 

But when I look at photos of destruction from tornadoes in Mississippi and Arkansas, it gives me perspective on how bad it can be—my little broken chimney and fallen trees are not so bad. 

I feel gratitude for what I have, and that expands my sense of well-being. 

Humility and Compassion

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I have a dear friend who has been mourning the loss of her husband of 40 years. She has been moving toward healing but also struggling. 

She stepped back and looked at the bigger picture instead of her own self-interests—she encountered a woman in great need. A woman without the means to cloth and shelter herself because she could not afford insulin for her diabetes. Saddled with covid, she was about to perish living in her car, with no food or water. 

My friend stepped outside her own suffering and social assumptions about “homeless people.”

She saw the common bond we all have. We are all HUMAN BEINGS—we enter the world and exit the world only by the help of others. We need each other.

To realize no one is better or less than us, but equal, takes humility in many situations. Bit it allows us to feel real compassion.

Find Your Apparent Magnitude and Absolute Magnitude – Be the light. 

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Entropy and Mass 

The entropy of an object is a measurement of its mass and its disorder.  

Your absolute mass is determined by what you feed yourself and how much you move. We eat plants and animals that obtain their energy from a nuclear reactor—our sun. 

The more we eat, the more we must move, or gravity will take hold and make us droop and sloop—disorder will unfold. 

Entropy can only stay the same or increase.

The better we feed our body, the higher our movement will attain proper motion and gain equilibrium. 

Organic whole unprocessed food grown with the principles of nature will help create well-being and balance. As we expand in tandem with the universe. Get up and move. 

Proper motion is a personal expression of your happiness.

Pure health can be found by embracing your own personal way of moving through the world. Instead of some apparent motion that others see or want us to be. 

Just as stars observed across the celestial sphere are limited to our line of sight. What you see and what others observe are often different. 

Choosing to do what makes you joyous is your proper motion. Believe in your orbit and keep the people who believe in you in it.

What makes you happy and shine is your proper path through life’s universe. That’s your brilliance. Take a leap of faith. Try and find a hobby that you enjoy and want to take part in, for instance, gardening or painting. 

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Dancing in the snow or picking lemons in the cold rain are all wonderful examples of expressing your unique grace of motion. Finding your calling “Proper Motion” will spiral your luminosity into a real star. 

Drink Water and Breathe Deeply  

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Oxygen is abundant all over the universe along with hydrogen and helium. But water is the most important thing all living beings need to survive. Without water, life and its glorious biodiversity would not exist. Simply put, life exists wherever there is water.

Life on this planet has existed with little to no oxygen—but life cannot be without water. 

Keep your body hydrated all day long, drink up water and its bubbly side. Herbal and medical teas, broths and miso soup mixed with herbs and mushrooms. Take a look at the best loose tea, as this provides extra health benefits also. 

Perhaps the most important thing we can do to achieve happiness and well-being is to breathe deeply and take a meditative pause. This pause can be the leap we need from our primitive fight or flight mode to one of luminosity and freedom.  

Dream of a Bright Future 

As momma always said, “get plenty of sleep and feel the tides of life cursing through your dreams.” 

Dreams and miracles come true. Speak to others with love because nothing ever lasts. 

The way we see the world creates our very reality.  

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