The global grab to control humanity’s food supply

Did you know that the agribusiness giants such as Monsanto, Syngenta and DuPont  have gobbled up most seed companies and control most of the agriculture in the US and Europe? It’s a fact that the world’s top three corporations control over half (53 percent) of the world’s commercial seed market and the top ten control […]

African Seeds are not (yet) a commodity!

There is something happening in Africa that on the surface looks like a humanitarian plan but has a sinister underside. There is currently a push to industrialize African agriculture and create a “Green Revolution.” The concept has been championed by organizations such as the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations.  The multinational seed industries view this as […]

A German Expedition

 I always marvel at the mysterious buoyancy of a 747 as it lifts itself and all its passengers gently off the ground. Like a feather rising effortlessly into the night sky. Cutting through the San Francisco fog I am headed to Germany and Austria, land of my ancestors, beer and bratwurst, sauerkraut and schnitzel. I […]

The true cost of conventional food means organic is worth every penny!

While traveling with a friend a few weeks ago, I bemoaned the lack of good organic food in airports and restaurants in many areas of the US. I wasn’t happy that my travel schedule took me away from my diet of fresh organic vegetables, grains and proteins. Even while I work for more organic food […]

FDA moves to ban trans-fats – good for us, bad for the planet

You may have read this New York Times article, FDA Ruling Would All But Eliminate Trans Fat. It was a breakthrough last week when the FDA finally declared that trans-fats are not safe and began a 60-day comment period on a proposal to faze them completely out of U.S. foods. The Center for Science in […]