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Monsanto vs Indiana Farmer Vernon Brown

farmingThe U.S. Supreme Court recently heard a case you may be aware of “Monsanto versus Indiana farmer Vernon Brown”.   The story behind the case is that Farmer Bowman purchased Monsanto seeds for many years for his main soybean crop. He also saved seeds from previous crops and bought unlabeled “bin run” soybeans from a local elevator to plant.  Some of those soybeans either saved or from the local elevator turned out to be Roundup-Ready genetically engineered seeds.

Monsanto sued farmer Brown charging infringement of its patent.  Bowman contended that the patent should only apply to the first generation of seeds and farmers should have the time honored right to save and plants seeds. Continue reading “Monsanto vs Indiana Farmer Vernon Brown”

Organic Policy and Regulations

Biotech in the News

Brandi and Adele in cornWhile browsing today’s Wall Street Journal I came across Ian Berry’s report  that, “Insecticide sales are surging after years of decline, as American farmers plant more corn and a genetic modification designed to protect the crop from pests has started to lose its effectiveness. This flies in the face of Monsanto’s claims that their agricultural paradigm is sustainable for farmers and the planet. From where I sit it seems sustainable only to those developing and selling the insecticides.

Food and Water Watch recently released a Monsanto Corporate Profile outlining their murky history producing industrial chemicals.  It is heavy reading that gives you an inkling of their regard for people and the environment. After reading this I find it hard to believe that their interests are in feeding the world.

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