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If Eating Organic Was a Color – It Would Be Shades of Grey

shutterstock_262694438For a colorful world of grocery – from bright red raspberries to deep blue corn chips –  it is remarkable how the organic food industry has various shades of grey. While this blog post is no “50 Shades of Grey” novel, it is a hot topic with no perfect answers!

Some of the big “grey dilemmas” I personally struggle with include: Continue reading “If Eating Organic Was a Color – It Would Be Shades of Grey”

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Organic is Skin Deep

As follow-shutterstock_444588811up from my last blog post, Beyond the Dirty Dozen…Tips to Shop Organic Throughout the Store, we are continuing the story to talk about a department that you may not always consider buying organic.

“Did you know that your skin in your largest organ?!” is a fun fact that a preteen may share after coming home from their biology class. Indeed, it’s a fact that you may vaguely recall learning at some point – but we want to understand what this means for the products you use, especially in regard to organic. Continue reading “Organic is Skin Deep”

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Beyond the Dirty Dozen… Tips to Shop Organic Throughout the Store

Shopping organic is a journey. At first, you might start by learning about the Environmental Working Group’s  Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists, a guide on buying organic and avoiding pesticides in produce. But, what about the rest of your grocery cart or basket items? While choosing organic veggies and fruits is a terrific start, this blog post serves to give some guidance on how to bring your organic shopping knowledge to the next level – in every corner of the store. We need to go beyond the produce section in order to grow the demand and the availability of organic.shutterstock_15941416

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Help the FDA Define “Natural” on Food Labels

How should natural be defined (if at all) on food labels? This is a question that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has posed to the general public—they want to hear from you and me! Now’s our chance to provide feedback on the future of food labeling. What are you going to say?shutterstock_283678712 Continue reading “Help the FDA Define “Natural” on Food Labels”

What is Organic

Hello Little Butterfly – It’s Non-GMO Month this October

While we can sometimes struggle to remember a loved one’s birthday, meet deadlines for work, and accomplish a lengthy to-do list of errands, I have found myself and others making time for a new type of celebration. A moment where we can be a part of something larger. Perhaps you GMO Safetyparticipated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last year (brrr..) or maybe you posted a #throwback picture of your siblings for National Sibling Day or possibly you are on the committee for your town’s 225th anniversary celebrations. These small acts have become popular because they are fun, yet meaningful. There is another upcoming celebration that is vital to our world’s health and future, and we’re going to need your help. Let me tell you why you should spread your wings and help grow the Non-GMO labeling movement!
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