What I learned on Spring Break – Food Matters

Vegetable TartIt was a cold and blustery windy day. The first day of spring had sprung, and Easter had hitherto blossomed. On this windswept afternoon, I did something I seldom do, I committed to sitting down for two hours to watch a moving picture: a movie as my grandparents deemed it, otherwise known as a film. This movie by Michael Moore is his newest and shines a bright spotlight on what life is like in countries that don’t spend an inordinate amount of money on their military. Instead, the wealth of these nations is dedicated to social services, human decency, and happiness, the fair distribution of wealth and of course good food. Continue reading

Get on the Corporate Social Responsibility Train

All aboardThere is no question; we are living in a time of rapid and bewildering change. Our populations are booming, resources are dwindling, and the planet is warming. Technology is charging ahead enhancing our connectivity with each other and the environment. We are just beginning to understand the impact that years of industrial revolutionary wars have had on the environment and our humanity. In place of government, it is business that must take the lead in re-imagining the way we utilize our natural resources and the way we treat and our workers and our communities. A robust Corporate Social Responsibility program can be the train that brings us to a new station. Continue reading

End of Year Yarn: Food Democracy

Washington ApplesThe older I get, the more I regard the seasons as a practice period for everlasting change. The dark turns into night and the Great Spirit reveals itself in its perpetual resurrection of spring into summer and now autumn into winter.  I am no longer young and lithe … but I am alive! I’m also hungry for change. I am elucidated and emancipated and educated enough to know what matters. Food matters! Continue reading

A Flock of Grace and a Gaggle of Gratitude, Thanksgiving and Abundance

thanksgiving abundanceThanksgiving is the holiday I adore the most. It’s about exercising my culinary muscle while throwing all buckets of restraint down the drain. I was just 12 when I concocted my first Thanksgiving meal for the family, so I’ve had some practice. As I remember, I secured a butterball in a plastic bag, plopped canned beans in a creamy quagmire of mushroom soup topped off with French fried onions, then rehydrated a box of mashed potatoes… my how my culinary times have changed! Continue reading

Reflections on Expo East: Will I see you there?

Eat Party Learn Expo EastThere’s a slight nip and slant of light in the air which means Natural Products Expo East is nigh. As the autumnal equinox nears, many of us will be trundling off to Baltimore by the harbor to meet and showcase our products. Not only do we sample, slurp and sniff the dizzying array of organic and natural creations but we come to commune and learn. As I walk down the aisles this year, I will reflect on how far we have come in the last forty years. Indeed we have changed the way we eat, farm and clothe ourselves in a mere handful of decades, and I believe the shift has only just begun! Continue reading