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It’s Time to Plant Your Garden

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Humans have been growing their food for ten thousand years or so, give or take by continent and climate. Yet, today many regard it as something someone does far away working in a field.

If we “endeavor to get our fingernails dirty, we consider it “gardening,” a hobby that’s relaxing and therapeutic.

Yes, you’ll save money and enjoy delicious fresh produce to nourish you when supply chains give way. Your food security will be a bit more robust.  

A more important benefit to growing our food is that it gives us a direct connection to the natural world. 

“The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.” Wendell Berry

Understanding that we are not separate from nature is a critical shift we need to make in order to heal the problems before us.

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What is Organic

Being in Perfect Condition is a State the World Needs

Are you old enough to remember the song “what condition your condition is in”?

Being in “Perfect condition” means something different for each one of us, there’s no ultimate standard. Understanding what perfect condition means for you is the first step to having it. Knowing and nurturing your perfection is important as you move through a not-so-perfect world. 

How does one stay in a radiant state of being?  

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What is Organic

Raise Your Glass, Break The Ice, Navigate New Waters

ocean wave at blue hour
Waves of Change are Rolling In
Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

 I’m doing a lot of soul-searching about these times and the climate catastrophes happening before our eyes. In just the last few weeks, an astounding number of record-breaking tropical storms have laid waste to millions of people and communities.

I’m doing more inner reflection and circumspection, wondering how we got here and who’s paying attention. I’m resourcing as many people and props as I can for answers.

David Pryce is one of the most soul-inspired authors I’ve discovered. He’s on Medium, a platform for writers of any persuasion or talent to flaunt their inner meanderings. It’s so cool, it’s almost out of style, SubStacked by a TikTok on a Reel of Instants.

David’s short piece, “Raise Your Glass,” reminds us that today we are being called to live more deeply and see more deeply. It’s time to wake up because only the privileged fall asleep during these visible shifts. 

He references Leonard Cohen’s quote, “When things get really bad, raise a glass, stamp your feet, dance a jig.”

Is it time to start drinking?

clear wine glass with blue liquid
Raise a glass, dance a jig, and get to work.
The Climate Crisis is here now.
Photo by Denys Gromov on Pexels.com
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What is Organic

Beauty Begins When You Decide to Be Your Gorgeous Self

Taking Care of Yourself is Beauty

As a young twenty-year-old bud, I went to the Tuamotus to live with a family. This string of 80 islands & atolls in French Polynesia was so beautiful it literally blew my bikini socks off. 

Surrounded by satin-white sand and the bluest of waters, I felt doughy and pudgy straight out of Iowa. Looking back at those pictures today, I see one hell-of-a gorgeous babe in paradise. 

Only in my 30s did I realize if I was going to be anyone of consequence, I mustn’t focus on some barbie-doll beauty façade. The day that happened, I felt gloriously exquisite. I found my inner goddess of beauty, just being me. 

It does take practice to feel your splendiferousness every day. Here are a few tips to I use to help my natural beauty shine. 

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What is Organic

Time to Think About Self-Sufficient Living? A Short Organic Beginners Guide to The Future

Together we can build resilience

I don’t know about you, but I’m experiencing a fair amount of chaos in the world. My sense of place, who I am, and my tribe/family are all up in the air. You can’t find anyone still working who isn’t stressed, overwhelmed, and underpaid, juggling three jobs. When you call your fifth-in-line, no one’s taking new patients, our therapists have lost patience. 

The news is full of scary futures and present dangers. They are real. Climate Change, Political Upheaval, Food Security, Inequality, Mass Extinctions, Violence, and Pandemics seem to be coming together in a perfect storm. 

It’s time to think regeneratively about the future and how to take care of ourselves without surrendering to a collective future PTSD.

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