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Sustainable Business Practices are Imperative for our Future 

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You can’t ignore the dire warnings of the IPCC’s 6th climate assessment report. The proof presents itself as we witness centuries-old forests burn, German villages flood, and arctic glaciers melt. We know that carbon dioxide is the primary driver of climate change. However, short-lived pollutants—like methane—can be far more potent—hundreds to thousands of times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. 

Cows beset with flatulence, spewing oil and gas wells, and waste fermenting in our landfills produce methane.  

Waste from homes and businesses and the methane generated in landfills as waste decomposes is the third-largest source of CH4 emissions in the United States.

Reducing our waste is something we can do right now, and it’s evolved from the notion of vestibules that separate paper, plastic, and glass. It requires commitment and planning.  

At home, it seems simple, but the approach in our workplace, be it corporate or small business, can make even bigger impacts but can be daunting.

How does one begin the journey as a business owner or an engaged earth champion at work? 

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It’s Never Too Late to Start an Organic Food Business

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When I started working in the organic business, it was a small niche market. Thanks to living in Santa Cruz, California, an original organic hot spot, not many knew the farmers like I did.

Last year was unprecedented with far-reaching consequences for humans and our health, the environment, and the economy. Those concerns continue today—our lives remade by the global pandemic and unprecedented climate behavior.

Organic food sales and home delivery businesses are thriving as a result.

According to the Organic Trade Association’s Industry Survey, organic food sales surpassed $56 billion in 2020. It grew 12.8% percent—the highest rates recorded in organic in well over a decade.

The global online food delivery market is expected to grow from $115.07 billion in 2020 to $126.91 billion in 2021.

Since both organic food and delivery services are booming right now – it may just be a good time to activate your inner entrepreneur and start an organic food delivery service.  

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Poultry in Motion? Five Reasons Keeping Chickens Are a Good Idea

I once kept over 100 chickens. I was young and hen-tranced with the fancy breeds: Polish, Cochins, Plymouth Rocks, and Silkies. The poor little chicks would arrive in the mail, surviving transport only from their yolk sack. Once they had become full-feathered, I would show them at fairs and come away with a ribbon. They were pets; they gave me food and much more…

If you are always looking for ways to make a good contribution to the world, you might never have thought that keeping pet chickens would be a way to do it.

Chickens are dinosaurs, dating back to prehistoric times, and managed to survive the great meteor extinction, long enough for us to domesticate them. We keep the chickens safe, we feed them a balanced diet, and some of us even take them to the fair!

Why is keeping chickens so great? Here are five reasons to keep chickens if you want to foster a sustainable future for you and the planet.

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Regenerative Life- A Secret to Success

Regenerate Life
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I hold an innate belief that humans are good at heart. Inherently creative and innovative if given the chance and place to nurture their talents. If you have a business, you can harness this energy to help you (and everyone)  succeed. 

You can never guarantee your business’ success, but you can do things to improve your chances. Adopting a regenerative business model taps into a powerful life source, fostering and developing it to improve life for customers, workers, and the planet. 

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Who Am I to Tell You About Organic Farming?

Dont know much about farming
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When I tell people I make my career in organic agriculture, they assume I am a farmer. They ask me what I grow with a curious tilt of the head. Since I am in my sixth decade, they cannot imagine me tilling, hoeing, or harvesting anything but sweet peas.The truth is I know next to nothing about farming except that it takes a multitude of diverse skills, a strong constitution, and an affinity for working alone with the soil. At heart, you must be a gambler, tending the earth with no financial guarantees. The crop is either good or bad, and the market strikes just right or not.   

I have spent many a dusty hour bumping along fields and orchards with organic farmers across the rural globe. So, I do possess a few insights.

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