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The Real Benefits of Taking a Bath in Nature

Soak in the great outdoors
Photo by Cecilia Medina on Unsplash

There’s a little cabin in the woods where I bathe in a claw-foot tub as the sun rises above “Calhoun Canyon.” I soak in steam and the great outdoors.

I am filled with gratitude to be part of this magnificent planet and view every day as an opportunity to witness the abundant biodiversity of nature—one that is steering towards a massive shift.

As a society, we’ve retreated from the great outdoors, instead mesmerized by our phones and tablets, we’re stupefied by our ever-growing technologies. We would rather be gaming and texting than taking a nature bath.

Being in nature, whether you’re in the Sierra wilderness, Central Park, or simply walking down a tree-lined street, has the power to heal us and the planet.

Let’s explore some of the real benefits of being in nature.

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My Joy Of Eating and Solace of Love

I just love food!
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I’ve decided to steer clear of the negativity in the world today and focus on cultivating joy. Joy is different than happiness—it’s a permanent internal spring that doesn’t come and go like happiness does.

Remembering my chubby self growing up next door to my grandparents, who offered opportunities to my love of food. The garden overflowed and the bread baked. I was allowed to experiment and run amok with culinary escapades.

These tendencies gave me to a lifetime joy of food- it became my passion and ultimately my occupation. 

I’m befuddled by those who don’t share this source of culinary pleasure. They believe food is a tedious source of grub needed only for survival—or a diet to follow to build brawn and brain.

I’d like to share a few memories and tips for those of you who want to have a deeper engagement with that which sustains us.

How do we make love of food a source of lifelong joy?  

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Change Yourself Change The World

The Earth is a Living Whole system
Photo by Valiphotos on Pexels.com

From where I write, I see a forest dying—the legacy oaks drawn in gray lay down in droves, limb by lumbar. The madrones tilt and fall—even the redwoods tumble.

Not to sound like a privileged one during this time of war, future famines, and geopolitical unrest.

But I am sad and afraid right here and now as Climate Change transforms my world.

I have lived on this finger-ridge for 5 decades, and never have I witnessed native trees dying in such fever—especially at the tilt of the Earth defining this season.

We can all look outside and see that we must act swiftly if we’re going to prevent the worst of the climate catastrophes from coming.

While the outlook isn’t t positive, there are things we can do to bring the change we need to help turn the tide.

I believe one of the things holding us back is that we look for someone else to come up with solutions.

We can change the world by first changing behaviors and thoughts.

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Grow Your Food & Cultivate Peace with a Small Landholding

yellow banana fruit beside white and orange flowers
Imagine Fresh Organic Food at Every Meal
Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

It’s odd writing about war after suffering through years of tremendous climate and human health challenges. The atrocities being enacted are hard to imagine, let alone watch on the news.

We are all globally connected to what’s happening in Ukraine right now. The price of natural gas, precious metals, fertilizers, animal, and human food are soaring.

Ukraine is the breadbasket of the world, the fourth-largest supplier of wheat and corn. Today’s disruptions will only add to existing food insecurity for millions and lead to more social unrest.

When I think about what I can do to alleviate the impacts of this unraveling dilemma, I think of growing more of my own food.

Having a “smallholding” or small farm that produces a mixture of crops and animals is a personal way to increase my food security. It lightens my global dependency on industrial agriculture and the resources that lead to climate change.

Is a smallholding right for you?

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Cultivating Gardens In Times of Change

Plant gardens of peace and hope

When the sun first carried the Earth into her orbit, she cast an accumulation of neutrons and dust into a perfect cosmic storm. A Blue Planet where life flourished.

Now we threaten that perfection.

We’re knee-deep in a series of calamities, many the result of human transgressions.

Emerging from isolation, we have changed, so has the world. The price of rice and beans rise along with methane, carbon, and temperature levels.

IPCC’s latest report on Climate Change brandished its starkest warning yet. Our world is getting hotter and sicker much faster than previously thought. The extent and magnitude of these impacts will be felt by all of us.

Impacts on food, water and agriculture will stoke our already anxious fears of war and sociopolitical unrest. Making us all a bit whacky.

Fear is the midwife of complacency. So lets think about reaping a different harvest ,

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