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Bhutan: What rings your dinner bell?

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I was excited to be trundling off to Washington DC again participating in the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) Policy Conference and Hill Visit Days at the end of May. As president of the board of the OTA, one of my responsibilities was to give the opening welcome address. I thought it prudent that I brush up on the guests of honor to understand the tenor and tone of the event. My heart was singing when I read that Kesang Tshomo, Bhutan’s National Organic Program Coordinator, was attending to share her nation’s commitment to organic agriculture. In fact the Kingdom of Bhutan is committed to measuring and thereby increasing Gross National Happiness as part of their strategic development plan. Converting 100% of their agriculture to organic production is one path to insure pleasure, plenitude and prosperity for their people and terrain. I was so delighted just hearing about the plan. It was like a bell going off inside me. Organic = Happiness!  Continue reading “Bhutan: What rings your dinner bell?”