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More than a Feeling …. Organic Food is more nutritious and safer!

delicious organic produceHumans have practiced agriculture for thousands of years. The food that we produced over the millenniums allowed for the expansion of culture and societies, the flourishing of arts and science. For the past 10,000 years the food that sustained human development had been cultivated with organic methods. It was only recently that large chemical companies such as Monsanto and DuPont took an interest in repurposing their technology in our fields. This departure from organic agriculture transpired a mere seven decades ago and has transformed food production into big business. We are only just now beginning to realize the ramifications of this dramatic shift. Continue reading “More than a Feeling …. Organic Food is more nutritious and safer!”

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Organic Citrus Greening Diaries: Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Citrus Organic colorA few mornings ago, as I sipped my freshly squeezed glass of organic orange juice, I contemplated the menu for a gathering of friends I was hosting. My mind went first to dessert, which is often the case, and I fantasized of a buttery lemon tart, often delicate and bold with its balance of sweet and sour tang.  I had a handful of Meyer lemons and could just imagine squeezing their sweet juices and grating their vibrant zest to fold gently into the cream and eggs. This tangy tartlet would pare well with orange and walnut encrusted quinoa cakes over lime cilantro wild rice.  A salad of arugula, pistachios and grapefruit would accompany the simple meal. Organic citrus figured heavily in this planning and also weighed mightily on my mind. Sweet succulent citrus is under attack and organic citrus is especially in peril. I want to make sure my future feasts always include their iconic flavors.

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