Opposing GMO labeling is bad for business

GMO investorIn this era of social media, opinions can travel swiftly. With the rapid-fire communication of current issues, businesses need to stay abreast of public sentiment and be mindful of the actions they take.

Public awareness and opinions on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food supply has mounted over the last few years. A July 2013 NYT poll indicated that over 93% of Americans want transparent labeling of GMO’s products in their food- now.  At last the companies that donate funds to oppose ballot initiatives requiring the labeling of products containing GMOs are facing new pressure from shareholders to stay out of future elections. Continue reading “Opposing GMO labeling is bad for business”


Oh no! Nano! – coming to a product near you!

Nano-particlesI recently attended a conference that touched on nanoparticles. I was intrigued because I had once given a brief to the USDA on their properties and possible hazards in our food supply. Australia, Canada and the UK all restrict their occurrence in organic production, so there were grounds for concern. On the other hand, I also recognized there were groundbreaking scientific and technological advances in industry and medicine through the use of nanotechnology. Continue reading “Oh no! Nano! – coming to a product near you!”