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Dominican Republic Repose with the Storm

House2My newest wanderlust leads to a volunteer mission in the Dominican Republic. Ever since my tour in Tunisia, International Executive Service Corps (IESC), has coaxed, cajoled and finally secured another foreign assignment. My past efforts made an impact on organic producers with intentions to enter the international market. So as I fly south over the Bermuda Triangle, I admire the magnificent Cumulonimbus clouds over the wide expanse of blue and I ruminate how I can make a worthwhile impact. Continue reading “Dominican Republic Repose with the Storm”


Uncovering the Fair Trade Mystique

Solar Panels bring water and life to arid areas
Solar Panels bring water and life to arid areas

Fair Trade is a label displayed on products that cost ever so slightly more than similar items. For the most part, these products are grown with organic methods and represent the most sustainable growing practices for producers in developing countries.  Have you ever wondered just what is behind that label and what it means to purchase Fair Trade Products? There is a world of benefits for the producers behind the label.

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What is Organic

Fair Trade an instrument of Hope and Prosperity

Fair trade Bathroom   When I first began purchasing bananas for the Albert’s Organics in 2001 Fair Trade was a new concept in banana sales and only represented a small fraction of the bananas business. Since bananas are one of our number one sales items I thought it was important to have a closer relationship with our producers. I soon realized that purchasing a Fair Trade banana was one way to become directly involved, benefit those growers and offer unique and valuable product in the banana marketplace.

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