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It’s Time to Support Future Organic Farmers

I have been honored to be the Executive Director for the UNFI Foundation since its inception in 2012. Early on my board asked me how we could bring together like-minded Foundations to make a larger impact in our priority areas, together as a community.

I began holding monthly calls with other funders who supported organic agriculture and we all coalesced around the idea of fostering new organic farmers. We were concerned that the average age of the US farmer was over 65 and we knew that organic farming provided a clear path to prosperity.

When Cathy Calfo from the CCOF Foundation joined those funders’ calls she immediately resonated with the idea. How could we make a difference and grow the next generation of organic farmers? Continue reading “It’s Time to Support Future Organic Farmers”

What is Organic

It’s spring and time to nurture young organic sprouts!

Young SproutsSpring is finally here and the sap is flowing freely. Native wildflowers are just beginning to blossom along my wooded roadside, mingled with virile sprouts of green. I can smell the earth driving its fertility forth as we tilt towards the sun. This time of renewal and fecundity calls out to all things emerging to push forward and grow. How appropriate that our Future Farmers Grant Fund is now open to youth of all age groups who yearn to learn more about organic production. These young organic sprouts need a place to grow and an association of organic funders along with UNFI Foundation is providing that opportunity. Continue reading “It’s spring and time to nurture young organic sprouts!”