How to Eat Well in 2018 and Stay Within a Budget

 Consuming the news these past weeks, I was served up a ration of New Year’s food columns that all revolve around saving money. The titles lazy-Susan through my newsfeed: “5 Ways to Stop Blowing your Budget on Food” or “How to Save Money on Groceries every Month.”

While I digest their content on saving coupons and planning meals around what’s in flyers, it leads me to ponder…Should we not instead be asking how to eat well in 2018 and stay within our means?

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Simply Centered – A Nexus of Possibilities

The worldI was recently introduced to a new website that is intriguing in its approach to bringing knowledge and action together in one place as a resource for healthy living. This interconnection of information and experience with food, fitness, and lifestyle delivers an important roadmap to health, beauty and quite frankly happiness. The website is and is a worthy and trusted resource for navigating a life of well-being this year.

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