Mt. Hood Organic Farms: Biodynamic Is In Their DNA

Peter's Mt AdamsNestled in the upper region of the Hood River Valley lies 55 acres of biodynamic apples and pears. Carefully tended by Brady and John Jacobson, Mt. Hood Organic Farms was first certified organic back in 1989. They were early pioneers being the first farm in Oregon to achieve that status.

Yearning to achieve a deeper meaning of organic, they began integrating the entire 200-acre property and its natural landscape and wildlife into their farming practices. It’s always been in their DNA, so it was natural to become a Demeter certified Biodynamic® farm which incorporates natural land stewardship. Continue reading

A Tale of Ten Acres – UNFI’s Agrarian Journey of Soil health

Rain on plantThey say a journey begins with just one single step. UNFI has taken a ten-acre step in Sturtevant , Wisconsin to further a vision for increasing access to fresh local organic food. Our CEO, Steven Spinner, has long held an agrarian dream of preserving farmland near our distribution facilities. This dream grew into a vision in which UNFI would engage the communities where we have facilities not only through employment, but also with access to well-priced organic food.  Continue reading