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Five Things I’m Doing to Keep me Sane While Nestling in Place

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I was traveling and on holiday when the pesky virus unfolded into a full-blown pandemic. I went from mild consternation to great foreboding – mainly for fear that I might not make it back into the country.

I boarded one of the last planes out of Costa Rica, just before the frontiers closed.

Today, I nestle at home with a full larder and a fidgety mind. How can I stay relevant and at peace in the time of pestilence and social distancing? I found five things that are keeping me on track and focused on what’s important. Continue reading “Five Things I’m Doing to Keep me Sane While Nestling in Place”

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The Lost Turkish Art of Handwoven Towels


Let’s face it, we take towels for granted. We can buy them cheaply in all manner of color and thickness, in person or online. We drape them casually after they drink up wet beads from our skin, never thinking about their origin or maker.

Towels are part of our everyday existence, mostly unremarkable in their function and form.

This wasn’t always so. Towels were once precious textilian pieces of art produced by artisanal looms and nimble hands. Today, handwoven towels are on the brink of material extinction. Continue reading “The Lost Turkish Art of Handwoven Towels”

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Let’s make every day Food Day

Food Day -MAP-2013It says a lot about our eating habits that we need to set aside a day to remind us all to eat real. Less than two hundred years ago, most of our ancestors grew and harvested everything they ate. Before the days of refrigeration and processed food, eating real was about surviving. Many of our culinary favorites are derived from ways of cooking, preserving or fermenting food straight from the source. There is a movement afoot to remind us of those days and bring us back to the origins of what we eat and where food comes from. Continue reading “Let’s make every day Food Day”