Consider the Schnitzel – A Guide to a New World Order?


Google Peace Schnitzel

It comes right up on the first page.

Not on the second where it is said that dead bodies are buried.

I was forever young and hopeful when I wrote it.

Passionate about food and peace,

and of course, schnitzels.

So, I penned a piece for HuffPost called Peace Schnitzel. It’s there if you search.

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Journey to Japan Sophistication: in hot water, organic diplomacy, food!

Kobe Beef 3I awake in Kobe, the port city well known for its succulent and marbled beef. It comes from the Tajima strain of wagyu cattle, fed on sweet grass and grains. They are sometimes given a good brushing to illicit extra tenderness. Today is a time of preparation for our ambassadorial luncheon and a day to see organic and natural stores in Japan. The theme for the day is the wondrous sophistication imbedded in the culture, the food, the very way of life here in Japan. Continue reading

Journey to Japan: Organic Presentation, Sleepy Nation, Terrific Train Cuisine

Japanese Subway ride  I have now settled into my third day in this frenetic, bustling metropolis called Tokyo. I am even starting to become less intimidated by the train system which interlaces the city with precise timetables and standing room only cars where people eat, read, drink and sleep. We are off to see a few local organic markets and then visit one of the biggest retailers in Japan. They want to learn more about organic and we are just the ambassadors for the job! Continue reading

Journey to Japan: MAF, Plastic Food and Best meal yet!

Organic for AllDay two in Tokyo and there is no rest for the hungry! I am traveling with Monique Marez who is the Associate Director for International Trade at the Organic Trade Association and we are on a mission to promote USDA certified organic products.  I couldn’t be happier experiencing this foreign land through the lens of organic agriculture. First stop: the U.S. Embassy! Continue reading

Journey to Japan, an Organic Pilgrimage

Kyoto templeI was still in Iowa when the email invitation came through… “There is an opportunity for one OTA board member to travel to Japan as an ambassador US organic industry….” You know me well enough by now dear reader that a good foreign escapade replete with culinary and cultural opportunities is right up my wanderlust alley.  I was being called on to represent the U.S. organics market, provide insights into our products and trends and encourage organic more trade. How could I say no? Continue reading