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Go out on a limb for organic apples

Organic appleUnlike other fruit we all have our favorite apple varieties and seek them out judiciously in the produce aisle. Some of us like the tart and slightly racy bite of a green Granny Smith. The more traditional among us seek the sweet comfort of the Golden Delicious or Gala. The adventurous among us have descended on the sophisticated Braeburn and Fuji varieties. The sensual Honeycrisp and Pink Lady varieties have captivated many new converts.  Surprisingly we tend to be pretty monogamous when it comes to choosing our apples and usually stick to our favorite varieties. The issue with this fierce dedication to varieties is many of them are from stocks that have huge susceptibility to disease, such as Fire Blight, which makes them increasingly difficult to grow with organic methods. Continue reading “Go out on a limb for organic apples”