Companies Have an Ear for the Consumer’s Voice: The time to speak up is now! A post from Laurie Burgess

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Your voice can speak volumes. The customer is always right. We have the power to influence change.

These statements are proving to be true! More and more, we’re seeing companies listen to their customer’s wants and needs. With increasing competition, transparency and choices, we are seeing a shift to where companies must listen to the consumer to survive. Continue reading

Oh no! Nano! – coming to a product near you!

Nano-particlesI recently attended a conference that touched on nanoparticles. I was intrigued because I had once given a brief to the USDA on their properties and possible hazards in our food supply. Australia, Canada and the UK all restrict their occurrence in organic production, so there were grounds for concern. On the other hand, I also recognized there were groundbreaking scientific and technological advances in industry and medicine through the use of nanotechnology. Continue reading