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The Monarch of Extinction

ButterflyThe word Monarch dates back as old as the Greek “monarkhes” and the Late Latin “monarcha” or one who rules alone. It was only in the late 19th century that a large and quite beautiful butterfly was given the regal name monarch. This king of butterflies is only one in a long list of fauna and flora disappearing at a rapid rate due to mankind’s mischievous and misguided war against nature. They are becoming endangered. Will their departure, as their name connotes, be heralded as the king of extinction?  Continue reading “The Monarch of Extinction”


Goodbye Butterfly: Adios Mariposa

MonarchsWhen I first moved to this special part of the world I now call home, I was awestruck with the natural beauty. Santa Cruz County is abundant with life in the sea, on the land and in the air. Nestled along the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, are tall stately Eucalyptus trees that are the seasonal home of a very small but mighty creature. Monarch Butterflies migrate thousands of miles each year to these very trees their ancestors found respite in to be sheltered from the harsh cold winters. Natural Bridges State Park is a place where you can literally view thousands of Monarchs hanging like paper lanterns, waiting for the sun to warm their wings. Continue reading “Goodbye Butterfly: Adios Mariposa”