African Seeds are not (yet) a commodity!

African goldThere is something happening in Africa that on the surface looks like a humanitarian plan but has a sinister underside. There is currently a push to industrialize African agriculture and create a “Green Revolution.” The concept has been championed by organizations such as the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations.  The multinational seed industries view this as a way to push their own agenda forward in a part of the world where the commercial seed market is still quite small. They want the African countries to harmonize seed laws so they can essentially own the seed market there.

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A tidal wave of GMO news

WaveThe news is flooded with rising awareness: there is a battle raging on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Some of the news is disappointing and the endless flow of funding to defeat our right to know what‘s in our food can be discouraging. But some of the news is hopeful, as we witness the relentless power and resiliency concerned consumers have. It’s important to be aware of GMO news and be educated on the ebb and flow of this battle. Continue reading “A tidal wave of GMO news”

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The GMO Fight Escalates

I'm supporting YES on I-522Next week the polls will close on voting for Washington’s Initiative 522. This could make Washington the first state in the US to mandate labeling of GMOs, and it will be the pivotal moment in the struggle for the right to know.  Labeling opponents have raised more than $21 million, the vast majority of which has been donated by biotech companies, including Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer, and members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The sum is the most ever spent to defeat a ballot initiative in the Evergreen State! Let’s not let this opportunity go by. We MUST win this one so other states can follow. It’s so important to get involved in I-522, and sign up to volunteer, here. Continue reading “The GMO Fight Escalates”


Opposing GMO labeling is bad for business

GMO investorIn this era of social media, opinions can travel swiftly. With the rapid-fire communication of current issues, businesses need to stay abreast of public sentiment and be mindful of the actions they take.

Public awareness and opinions on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food supply has mounted over the last few years. A July 2013 NYT poll indicated that over 93% of Americans want transparent labeling of GMO’s products in their food- now.  At last the companies that donate funds to oppose ballot initiatives requiring the labeling of products containing GMOs are facing new pressure from shareholders to stay out of future elections. Continue reading “Opposing GMO labeling is bad for business”

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Get on the phone and make a difference!

I'm supporting YES on I-522If you believe that Washington State I-522 is important and a must win, it’s time to put your mouth where your heart is. Washington State “Yes on 522” needs your help in the next few weeks! Organizers are looking for volunteers to make phone calls and combat the misinformation campaign fueled by corporate dollars from agribusinesses. The labeling ballots come out on the 18th and the stakes are high. We need this win for the awareness of our cause across the country.

Even if you don’t live in Washington State, you can help. The Yes on 522 has set up training that makes it simple to get started. There are four easy steps that make calling from home easy: Continue reading “Get on the phone and make a difference!”