What is Organic

Don’t mess with the mommas!

Mommy SkunkI will never forget the gorgeous spring morning when I was hiking with my girlfriend in the Redwoods. The dappled sunlight was filtering through the ferns and underbrush, creating a veritable mosaic of color. I almost expected to see a wood fairy but instead, when I rounded the bend, the cutest Lilliputian baby skunk was ambling across the path like a little drunken sailor. It was the cutest little black and white fur ball I had ever seen. We crowded around to get a better gaze and marvel at its adorable perfection, when suddenly momma appeared out of a hollow log and boy was she perturbed! By the arch of her tail and the gleam in her determined eye it was apparent she would stop at nothing to protect her offspring.

This is exactly the intent and strength of the organization “Mothers across America”, a national coalition of unstoppable moms committed to empowering millions to educate themselves about GMOs and related pesticides, requiring GMO labeling and offering GMO free and Organic solutions. Continue reading “Don’t mess with the mommas!”